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So how was everyone’s thanksgiving weekend? IN the tradition of Chinese everywhere, I went out and ate. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to cut short my Bay Area trip. But I ended up spending a nice week/weekend chilling and watching DVDs, and hanging out with some friends, a little bit of Halo 2, a little bit of SWG and a whole lot of “lack of sleep". I find it that I sleep less on weekends and days off. And incase you missed it, here is a QTVR of the Macy’s THXgiving Parade.

Speaking of which, have you ever wondered where the holiday of thanksgiving came from? Cecil answers all: Is it true Thanksgiving was invented by the editor of Harper's Bazaar?

Christopher Doyle is the fame cinematographer for many famous Chinese directors. He was a part of many of Wong Kar Wai’s films such as In the Mood for Love, Chungking Express, Fallen Angel, and the recent 2046. Also he has worked with Zhang Yimou on the recent martial art epic, Hero. He is an Australian, whom I just read was also a sailor, thus the cursing. This interview is done by Greencine, a online DVD rental site much like NetFlix, but cooler. (that’s right…) Here Christopher Doyle is asked on his experiences as a cinematographer and working with some of the most famous Asian directors of our time, and some American and Aussie directors also…

Greencine interview with Christopher Doyle:
"The strangest cinematographer in the world": Christopher Doyle
By Sean Axmaker

There are places where we interconnect and the only way you can interconnect is if you disconnect with yourself. If you don't know who the fuck you are... I think that's the whole point. People go to film school to learn about filmmaking. No. Why don?t you go out and learn about life and then...

The new “Bird Flu" seems deadlyier then SARS. Even WHO says its dangerous, and might Kill 100 Million people.
( via BoingBoing )

Things to do this season at the mall:

by Packard Jennings
( via BoingBoing )

Here’s a cool exhibit for Etienne-Jules Marey, a physicist and a “chornophotographer" from the 1800s. Basically this was the science/art that lead to film. This exhibit is at the Musée d'Orsay in France. So for those of us that can’t quite carpool to it, here’s The Online Version.

Iraq follows in its big brother in Democracy and start their own Homeland Color System:

( The Onion via Zibacco )

Everytime I look at the technology described in the Cyberpunk books, it makes me laugh. I cant help to think what future techs that we cannot imagine today. Then I read about things like a flower that can detect landmines and the GloThong, and then I think, nope I have no idea what equipments I should by in a futuristic game…

Apparently email is just too slow for the kids these days and its only used by old timers. They go straight for SMS and IMs.
( via EnGadget )

I knew I stay up late because of my mom!
( via Wired )

A whole new level of splunking… this man goes 4,500 ft. down and has ways of bring bodies back to the surface, cause… people don’t live long in caves.

"Ian drowned." In a cave 4,500 feet beneath Oaxaca, Mexico, with an underground waterfall roaring in the background, Bill Stone didn't hear those words as much as he sensed them. He knew that the odds of survival at close to a mile deep aren't great for even the strongest cavers, a chiseled superset of explorers who routinely haul 180-pound loads down 65-foot vertical shafts, live for weeks underground, and dive through bone-chilling water. Mapping the last uncharted land on earth is a dangerous proposition. One slip, one momentary lapse of concentration, and you die.

( via Wired )

No wonder women are smarter, cause they lie more.
( via Wired )

Mark your calendar, Dec. 12 is the day that Japan’s little world ends. Geeks will rule the streets with headbands and make-shift weapons out of Xbox controllers. Streets will be ruled by those with the power of a pre-order pre-order ticket. This is all because The launch of the PSP in japan can cause riots…

Play the “guess Angelina Jolie‘s accent in Alexander" game at Defamer!

CNN does SC-esque commercials.
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

Not that I’m a fan of NYC, but I AM a fan of B&W photos. And here’s a gallery of photos from a book called New York is Changing. Where photos form the 30s and contrasted with photos of now, or late 90s.
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

Vader and Klum.
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

See Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux.

Dear Santa, I’ve been nice all year and I want Victoria Secret Models…

They hacked the Wi-Fi on the Nintendo DS… I’m quite sure this is done so people can tunnel into the chat program that would be used by 10 year olds…
( via )

Girl kills her mom then blogs about it on LJ. Here’s a screenshot of her last blog entry. Or if the blog is not considered a news-worthy source, here’s a demo of Wikinews with it: link.
( via Waxy Links )

With the end of the year coming, so well the lists… here is the Best Lists of 2004 List.

Lucy Liu rides up a building in her bike, in this Japanese commercial.
( via Golden Fiddle )


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