Bring the Ikea down! Bring it down!

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Well it has been one week of feasting and gatherings. I haven’t seen this many Chinese people since I got of the boat, ok that’s not true, there was this one time at a party… But anyways, dinners and meeting has cut into the Wang’s web browsing times, and into nightly gaming. (RPG/WoW) So as always for the New Years week, we go light and short.

Ancient Stars and Young Stars, people not burning balls of gas… well maybe some of them.
(via Noble Zone)

Yes party like it’s the opening of a Swedish Furniture store!! Huh?

Other news, 1 in 10 Europeans are conceived in an Ikea bed.
(more from Noble Zone)

How come we don’t get cool European commercials like this one for Resident Evil 4?
(via Kotaku)

Multiple sources have confirmed that the PS3 will be out before E3 2005.

Afri Cola commercial that’s smack of the 60s, directed by the love child of Lynch and Bay.

(via BoingBoing)

Check out the new Google maps in Beta.

And we end the day with a blast from the past, a little chocbo love!

(via Geek on Stun)


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