A boring day... a red day... ere the moon rises. Read now.

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Wake up with the king freaky twin peaks style.
(thankyou Goldenfiddle)

Unintentionally sexual comic book covers: part 1
(thankyou Thighmaster)

U know when i woke up this morning i thought to myself, i need a belt buckle with a scrolling LED light... Maybe this just due to watching the segment by Soderbergh in the Eros film. Which in fact wasnt very erotic.
(thankyou Thighmaster for the LED belt link, not the Eros stuff)

Good friend is bored and decided to random search in LJ, which is an interestin time consuming thing to do. Cause much like crack jack box, u really dont know what u can find from a random LJ search. But here are two good link for those random LJ moments:
Last 40 pictures posted in LJ
Funny things overheard in LJ

u just cant buy publicity like this.
(thankyou waxy links)

Google launches some video program. Asking people to upload videos of all sort. They do screen it, so i guess this wont turn into a porn service like Google Images.
(thankyou waxy links)

QTVR of the "wrong" star wars line.
(thankyou BoingBoing)

(thankyou Kotaku)

somehow, for some unknown reason, this needs to be here...


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