The Flaming Lips... no not the band.

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Last week, while driving around Woodland Hills w/ Mr. Starfizzy, i saw a Roy's Restuarant. Having fond memmories of Roy's in Hawaii, i screamed out like a little boy in a cnady shop. Mr. Starfizzy confused by the fact that a mere restaurant can bring such excitement to the Wang, mentioned that he's HI co-workers have mentioned its existence. See the first Roy's opened like 2 miles form my Hawaii house back in 92 or 93, or even earlier, and the Wang has spent a lot of time there... even know friends who worked there earning 100 bucks a night just off tips. Ah good times... So one day, the Wang will check out this new "Mainland" Roy's, even though i heard baout them being in the Texas, San Fran, and Washington for awhile now.

Korea's advertisement campaign for the PSP is very artistically done. They start with a bunch of nice photos of hot women caressing their PSP to a very well done flash website. The korean campaign is definetly more alluring than the "Entertainment withut boundries" angle in US.

So I bought Jade Empire LAst night. My conversation with Tensai on World of Warcraft last night went something like this:

[Wang]: So I bought Jade Empire, that new martial game for the Xbox.

[Tensai]: Um. when are u going to play that?

[Wang]: hmm... probably right after i play Resident Evil 4, and open up my Metroid Prime..

[Tensai]: Any instance runs?

[Wang]: Nah... slow night, think i'm going to slum it in the Sunken temple.

I'm quite sure roomate "Dirty Wind" aka Jestr will perform his usual task of tackling any videogame with a Replenshing Ebb of Xbox Kata.

So with this morning's freak metal debris accident, the death toll on LA freeways this past 2 days is up to like 3.

ouch, that looks like it hurt...
(thankyou DataWhat)

Wired shines light on the new trend of satellite images, specially with the whole Google Map/Satellite fad.

Not quite sure what this is, but... hey why not:

(thankyou Zibacco)


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