May the Force be with you... for the first time... again.

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So here we are, Ep. III + 1 day. Of course, the monstrosity made mad money, $50 million in one day. In fact thats more money then some of the Wang's favorite movies EVER made. Still its shame to see the fans taking this thing up. I just hope not everyone out there is a Lucas Sheep.

But still for some of us, we need to move on at the end of this saga. The Wang recommends a made trilogy viewing over this weekend to rinse the taste of the prequels, go old school, and party like its the early 80s. Though the choice of Special Edition or Original LDs is entirely up to ur own choosing, the new DVD version do have some enhancements. But the biggest question will be how has the Prequels effected ur enjoyment of the originals? Well the Wang will help the transition by adding a few hints in connecting the two storylines.

Better technology/Art Design: We clearly see that the old Republic had cooler tech, art design and all sort of fancy gadgets. The original will have the 80s haircuts, and crappy spaceships. Just remember they r old school and streamlined by the emperor now. So instead of a multitude of ships, all ships look the same. Also we can clearly see in Ep. 3, that hobbit-hair cut of the 70s was making a comeback in Corscant. So its natural that in ep. 4 everyone would have an 80s haircut. Though this off course would put Leia out of fashion. She seems to be still wearing the bun-style hair cut that her mom used to wear, like thats so 20 yr ago Leia!

Fancier Lightsaber duels: Of clearly Ep. 3 hand some awesome lightsaber fights. The climatic duel between Anakin and Obi-wan was the apex of jedi weapon masters. So what happened to them in episode 4? how come to acrobatic saber master ended up to be the stick twirling slugs of a New Hope? Here's how the Wang sees it. Jedi/Sith Master fight on a higher level. And while they r older and more powerful than i can possibly imagine, the two, now masters, duel on multi-levels. So instead of just what we see here on screen, the two not only are dueling sabers, words, they are also having a Button War™. Basically this is where Obi-wan, using the force, keep trying to turn off Vader's suit by hitting the buttons on his chest plate. Vader, in defense, uses the force to block him. What we dont see on screen is an intense warfare of force-button attacks, and Vaders skillful deflection of these attacks with his "chosen one" Sith force skills. Thus the two masters dueling on multiple fronts, leads them to fight much slower than they once did at a younger age.

Vader is Luke's father Revelation: Assuming u watch these things in order, than this revelation at the end of Ep.5 is not-so dramatic. I mean we knew this. So how does one still enjoy this epic moment in movie history without the spoilers from the Prequels? Well the best way the Wang con suggest is to use the Jedi Mind trick on ur self, and tell ur self to forget about Anakin and Vader of Ep.3. Or if u r not-so-strong in the ways of the force, try the Spiral Eye. If that still fails, then try some blunt weapons. Use at ur own risk though, blunt weapons have been know to cause D4 to D8 dmg. Still this will help u erased the fact and enjoy the revelation that (SPOILER ALERT) Vader IS Luke’s father...(END SPOILER)

Well hope all this will help u enjoy a weekend of Star Wars old School Style. And may the Force be with you... for the first time... again.

Achtung baby!

P.S. Oh incase u've all missed E3, here r some E3 Game Trailers, the only thing worth seeing from E3. And yes thats counting the booth babes.


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