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Dated posts are timeless!

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This post has been stored up for a few days. The Wang has been busy mad coding games for the new job. So if u find this stuff dated, it probably is. But then most of them are justmindless humor. I guess that stuff is timeless.

King Kong Trailer. Naomi Watts + Giant Ape = GOLD!

“The dog is bit my Vagina!"

Mad Ukulele skillz: George Harrison’s "While my guitar gently weeps"

This is funny and mostly SFW, unless sperms are bad for work.

Google just released their API codes for Google Map today. People have alrdy done the typical web thing and hacked in an Imperial Invasion of Palo Alto. Also this lead the Wang to discover the fun of Google Earth. U have to d.l the program but its very fun to watch the satellite images go 3D. I assume this is what Google Map will be in a few years.

Another Boingboing article led me to this thing, AED-100 Its supposedly capable of killing 10,000 animals per hour. The Herman Kiezebrink Institute is contracted, sometimes, to help out with the Bird Flu outbreaks. I guess if u need to kill lots of chickens/birds fast, its nice to have a machine that does this…

Here’s the new ending to the movie Domino staring Keira Knightley, Domino Harvey drowns in bath tub in West Hollywood.


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Bad day for copyright issues...

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So its nice to see that Batman took the box office once again. The Wang is not in full support of the batman: Begin movie but this one is definitely the bestest in the last decade. So if nothing else, it bring the hope of future possibilities, and that is always the best. On a sadder note, Land of the Dead from the zombie god father George A. Romero, didn’t hit the market as hard. But still a whole lot of the Wang’s “zombie apocalypse" friends went gagas for the flesh-eating fun this weekend. But on that note the Wang came across some scary science shit, The Zombie Dogs. These scientists supposedly injected a dog with a salt solution, after draining its blood. It died, clinically. And was revived 3 hours later. They r planning to use this mad-scientist-esque procedure on humans soon, as some sort of freaky way to cure blood loss and trama damage. Overall the Wang think a real life Zombie apocalypse is coming soon, and we should all get our Sawed of Shotguns from S-mart rdy.

But the zombie dog is slightly more freaky than boy finds fetus in his stomach.

Get rdy to bling ur self out with microchips and video cards cause the master of Nerdcore rap only uses 4ghz overclocked boards or they aint got no street credz.

So the big news of the blogsphere is the Grokster vs. MGM rulling that came out of the supreme court. BoingBoing has the coverage with blog links. The biggest hit of this law is that it tagged on the worst fear of the induce act, in which, companies can be blamed for their promoting the use to infringe copyrights.

Also boingboing gives us the news on AFTRA accepting contract with video game makers while sister union SAG rejected it.

Speaking of laws, even Japan passed some laws against porn like print material. Now all u porn-fanbois dont cry yet... i'm quite sure there will still be a online Doujinshi u can d/l.

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Short one for ya all:

from YTMND: original

Also its Wimbledon time... so that means more Sharapova. Even yahoo can be a hawt gallery site come Wimbledon. Or of course check out her online gallery.

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Boxes and Codes

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This has been a busy week for the Wang between moving and a project at the new work palce, the Wang is juggling boxes and code lines. Still the Wang managed to make nightly trips to Fry’s and Ikea to support the US economy by throwing cash at good o’ fashion US products made from China and Sweden.

And what is up with Sarah Michelle Gellar, she has become some sort of horror movie queen, as she is casted to be in the new Alice.

MSNBC gives the best headline to the recent Scarlet Johansson vs. Cruise event: Scarlett Johansson escapes Cruise’s clutches

The LAist points out that for a CalTech class of 2005, the entire Chemical Engineering class are all women. So I guess there are going to be more geeky women in the coming years. The Wang was right to wait for a more suitable and intelligent mate. I mean check out this physic grad, Sandra Tsing Loh’s speech, they are even funny! Dork is geek of the aughts!

ArthorFest sponsored by Arthur magazine and Spaceland will take place Sept 4 and 5 in Barnsdall Art Park near Los Feliz. Its suppose to be an Avant-garde event. Which include local silverlake/Echo Park eateries and indie music acts. Check site for more detail.
(link is to the Arthur news section, incase it get moved around here’s ticket site link.)

Braodcast Flag might come back and hunt us again, keep the fight alive with the 48 hr. to Stop the Broadcast Flag via EFF’s Deeplinks.

So SAG/ATFRA’s has rejected the contracts to give interactive actors/actresses more share of the profit for video games. BoingBoing has more on this with many links to past stories about this event.. Looks like SAG feels that the voice actor/actresses needs to be in on the residual royalties. The Wang do encourage Videogame unions amongst the creators. I think the big gaming companies like the EAmpire slave wage their employees and many of the Wang’s friends that works/ed in the industry seems to be treated like crap. I think that industry expects young kids to bend-over just to get a job for a gaming company, thus they get away with everything. But the Wang doesn’t approve of the whole Movie industry union power that leads too off-shore movie productions, still the good gaming brethrens should not be treated like herd to produce for some 6 billion dollar+ industry at slave wages. Developers always get the short stick. Here’s another LA times link.

The Japanese makes the bestest commercials. Here is one for a game called Ape Escape 3 Where Lanky Japanese man dance to rainbows in a completely non-gay, Tom Cruise kind of way.

And speaking of the Japanese, check out this Urban underground farm thing they have going. Cause if we learned anything from Master of Orion II, it is to start by building a hydroponic farm.

And speaking of Tom, this one goes out to Scientology, Katie Holmes has 16 missing days. I think Tom found her and reprogrammed her in that Goldenfidle, girlfriend unit way. I mean she was about to enjoy NYC, somehow… now she is trapped in Cruise Control.

New voice program from AT&T is pretty cool. Try it have it say weird things like wrap lyrics. The odd thing is I found this from YubNub. YubNub is some sort of ALL encompassing command line site for the web. U can do everything from searching on google, randomly generate numbers, to pulling up DeviantArt images for u.

And incase u missed the AFI top 100 movies quotes, the thighmaster quoted a awhole bunch of them for u. Or u can go to the official site, but Thighmaster is just cooler than AFI.

A cool pic of the Serenity Cast.

So have a good day, the Wang is back to boxes and codes.


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I want a Sophie!

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So the Wang returned from a evening of cool-ass Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle and some cool thai food @ Toi Sunset, which was a the coolest Thai restaurant featuring classic and indie rock in the background. Also the Wang even spotted a poster to Japanese punk band L'Arc-en-Ciel.

Now Howl’s Moving castle is just one of those Miyazaki masterpieces that u really have to go watch, just so he can remind u what the word "fantasy" really means. Miyazaki’s past films have included great films such as Nauisicaa, Valley of the Wind, Laputa, City in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. The man is an animation god. In a perfect world, He would of met Walt Disney, and the two of them would have had coffee and tea and talked about the wonders and the imaginations that they could show to a child. And when ever u watch his films, u almost shrink back to ur youth. You find ur self cheering at the hero and heroines. U can find the magic and the innocence in every little animated character and you are drawn into a world that u only remember in your youth. AND THAT is the power of Miyazaki.

So how was Howl’s Moving Castle? Well it was the first romance he made, I think. Most of his past films had male and female characters that always to seem to bond on some family level. Howl’s on the other ended focus on Sophie’s love for Howl. Honestly I think was one of those innocent young childhood love stories where neither character really know what was happening but they just fall into it head first and end up changing both of their lives. Both grow a little and exhibit the maturity of adults. As Miyzaki’s film always show a sign of maturity for his characters buried in the fantasy world and their innocents. They tend to be very simple characters. Still Sophie’s character starts out pretty boring for a main character, but u learn to love her as she grows and understands her self.

Though I don’t think Howl’s moving castle is my favorite Miyzaki film, but I do like the growth of his story telling arts. In the 80s he alrdy directed some of the best anime films of our times, but he keeps getting better. If there was one director that never disappointed me during my life time, Miyazaki would be it. No matter what, he’s the grandfather type that u would ask him to tell u a story, even when u r 50. And he’s the same person u wished that ur kids can listen to when u have some.

Speaking of childhood fun, All-American Soap Box Derby tomorrow in Silverlake!

An AP/AOL poll about entertainment and movies came back with the stuff like 73% of the people would rather watch movies at home on DVDs. And 47% believe that movies are getting worst.

Best headline for Katie Holmes ever! From GoldenFiddle: Before your career dies, you see the ring.

As featured on G4TV’s Attack of the Show, the new DittyBot software lets u email ur Mac with song titles and Dittybot will stream back a song via iTune through Skype. Almost makes me want to have an mac… or wait for DittyBot XP.

Female or She-male?

Halo 3 rumors that includes 50 user multiplayer Xbox live games. Though, this can be just rumors.

damn, where was she when I was going to LAN parties? The Wang needs to go to more LAN parties, cause the new stock of gamers are more female than before.

Specially today, Free Katie!

Liberate mea!



Football tricks that almost made me a fan Then I remember that the other 44 min of them games are pretty boring. Oh that’s Soccer for us US-folks.

The life of an Stormtrooper is seen in this short animated film called Oops.

Speaking of hot women that the Wang doesn’t really approve of, here’s that hot line-dancing-car-washing jessica’ Simpson’s cover of These Boots were made for Walking.

Not usually a fan of Charlize Theron, but check out this picture where she looks like Marilyn Monroe

Freakish She-male crab tries to mate with another female crab one day, and the next day ate half of it in some sort of typical girl-crab fight fashion.

Thigh Master reminds us to set our Tivos (or Replay TVs) for AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Movie Quotes: Greatest Quips.

…and the Google Cheat Sheet

The Onion A.V. Club gives us Arcade Jukebox: The Video game Mixlist. (it’s amazing that this is the first time that the Wang linked the Onion…)

Thankyou Jessica, for blessing us with pictures of u r hawtness, specially since u’ll be in all those crappy movies


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why does smallville have to suck?

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Wassup peeps.. with a little more time today the Wang had more time to search around. Beyond the fact that the Wang stayed up all night for a Batman midnight show, which landed in with a full “OK" rating with the Wang, the Wang’s endurance is still kicking in on caffine-like substance for the whole day. Speaking of Batman: begins, we’ll start with some ninjas.

For the porn king, whom is also a Ninja aficionado, The Ninjapault

Well scientists say that we developed large brains due to the need for aiming rocks, if that’s the case, the need for aiming at urinals should make man frickin geniuses!

Steve Jobs gives out the words of wisdom . Atleast he didn’t steal the sunscreen song.

If any of u out there r fellow bloggers, EFF has released a nice website on the legal rights for bloggers and online journalism.

Though I cant seem to find the picture that the fiddler uses for this post, I still have to ask, why must Smallville suck? Kristin? on the other note, the fiddler also gave VH1’s some blog-time. She is skinny VJ hot.

Ok u r kidding me right?
The House wants to eliminate funding for PBS and NPR? I mean for what? to fund more missiles?!?

$100,000 contest to find the best poker-bot. so they can finally remove all them washed-up celebrities from E, and replace them with the re-release of Battlebots: Texas-hold’em.

Would u believe Line dancing Zelda? ok… would u believe it if I said it was from japan? In fact the link goes to a site with a lot of old school video game commercials.

Daily show reports the MJ case in its usual glory and humor.


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Still on the busy schedule, so here are some f the cool and interesting thing the Wang found waiting for the traffic to die down. But beware, a warning that last image is nasty.

Move over DJ Music-Mixing-guy, here comes a software to digital mix the sine-waves out of ya!

Burnt Faceman! Use ur laser eye beam!

I’d eat that.


Remember awhile back I mentioned that there was a best-review for Ep. III? well here it is.

WTF? This is to make u go blind.


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Taking a break from work...

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Due the new workin schedule, here r just a few minor gems to keep the day moving along.

Did I mention I said no more episode 3 mockeries? Well lied, here’s one more from VGCats

Shop smart, shop S-mart! Make Love the Bruce Campbell way.

Will Wheaton comments on the recent SAG video game incident. Yes the kid from Star Trek. He has a lot of internet fame u know…

Of course this weekend is Erotica LA @ the LA convention center. Quite sure a few of my friends will be secretly sneaking off to this event. But for those of us not really going to gather in the same large building with other geeky porn connoisseurs, here is a link for more info.

New Webzen, movie zen

Girls are just like the boys, they too want good games.

Gamsutra brings us the Best of E3 Awards

Will still a big workday, so this is it till later, outies.


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Lesbian Fridays

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So this has been a slow week in the way of post. Mostly due to the new Job that the Wang just got into. Mainly the Wang decided that the time has come to take some sort of serious adult job to support the future Wang-Spawns and Mrs Wang. Also the opportunities lay ahead at a new work place on finding new restaurants and meeting new ppl. I would say finding new women would be a goal, but leaving the lush lands of a college campus is the wrong direction for that. Still, now days, seeing a college student just reminds the Wang of young young girls that barely understand the finer aspects of life. This O.C./American Appeals generation will be lost by my infinite wisdom gained from 90210 and shopping at banana, when banana sold white shirts and khaki shorts.

June is a month of change for the Wang and change is good for the soul… or at least that’s the last fortune cookie I got at the Panda “insult to my people" Express in the UCLA food court said.

Anyways so last Friday and the end of this week shall be known as lesbian Fridays. As the Wang first went to see a cool Asian American film, Saving face, staring Joan Chen of Twin Peaks and Last Emperor fame. And this week, a Sleater Kinney concert. Both of which spanks of lesbian gatherings.

Ok Saving Face really wasn’t a gay magnet, but the movie talked about a gay female 2nd generation Asian girl who has some issues dealing with the whole Asian thing and being very different. Of course the movie kicks off with her mom, Joan Chen getting pregnant at age 50 and Asian culture comedy ala Wedding Banquet. Speaking of which, Ang Lee forget this auteur thing!! Go back to ur roots!! Any ways, this movie was particularly funny, cause it reminded the Wang of his childhood. Not the girl on girl action, but the Chinese families and all their humorous characteristics. Though Mr. Starfizzy said that some of those characteristics are universal, and reminded him of his uncles/aunty types. Still the Wang give a high recommendation to this movie. It is overall fun entertainment about the cultures adapting to more modern conflicts and the humor of those incidents.

Now the Sleater Kinney concert was a true magnet for lesbians. By the time I finally decided that one girl was decently hot and worthy of the Wang’s attention, I notice how she easily embraced another women. That’s when I notice most of the female couples in the crowd were holding each other… Still none the less, the crowd was very active and did one of the most energetic moshings that the Wang’s ever seen. This includes most of Coachella and all the alt rock bands I’ve seen locally. People were jumping up and down so much, that Mr. Starfizzy was scared for the structure integrity of the Henry Fonda theatre floors. But I give the girls of Sleater Kinney credit, they do put on a good show. It was a pretty nice energetic performance. Specially the Wang liked Corin Tucker’s little facial expressions as she carried of the more feminine and a almost southern singing style. She had this very pronounced vibrato with her voice that she trailed her alt screams with. The other best part was the dueling guitars. It almost seems that the 2 guitarist played off each other as if they were having sex on stage. It must be a lesbian thing, cause the lead singer, Carrie played the male or “top" role to Corin’s female or "bottom" role. After coming to this conclusion I noticed that their music tend to fall towards the female orgasm chart. Which is they like to draw out their climaxes. But maybe that’s just some sort of lesbian over-tone induced observation.

So that and the new job has pretty much been the attention of this week. So the Wang will have to figure out more time to balance out the posting and come back in full force. Cause we all know, no body likes a limp Wang.

UPDATE: The openning act for Sleater-Kinney was Mary Timony. And LAist has a nice article about the Sleater's drummer, Janet Weiss.


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Starting this week, the Wang has starteda real job of working 9-5. ok maybe more lik 10-6... But still this dramatically cuts into the regular web browsing hours of before. Which in turns, cuts intop the Wang surfing the web for blogging enjoyment. Besides noticing that the thighmaster's glorious post yesterday, with goodies such as links to Melissa Theuriau's hawtness and the enitre blogsphere's response to Jessica Alba in an almost invisible suit ala Uncle Grambo's homecoming.

Not to mention that a tiring first day of work was met by the shattering news that Mrs. Wang to be, Rachel Weisz has decided to marry another man... Well Rachel if it doesnt work out, please email me.

Also speaking of hot women ala Melissa Theuriau, check out Danica Patrick. GOod friend G notify me of these auto-vixen as i was observing him watching car racing. The Wang quickly asked, "Why?" And he introduce me to Danica. I mean she owns the market on hot women in racing suits.

A friend started some great movie star vs. movies star thread whichgot the Wang started on this whole Versus thing:

Watch the whole Ginger vs. Mary-Ann fight vs. something a little more real.

Adrianna Lima hot vs. Evangeline Lily casual hot (HUGE image warning)

What the f**k is this? vs. this is cool.

Power of Nature vs. Photoshop of Nature

Apple with IBM vs. Apple with Intel.

Meow vs Xiao Xiao.

Uncyclopedia vs. Wikipeida

Robot Dancer vs. Robot pitcher

Ok i promise no more Star wars stuff... cept this Lego Orchestra and The Force Blog. (note the female storm troopers... or atleast the ones with the helmet)

MMOChart brought us the great charts that tracked all of the MMO to date, but awhile back they released a nice Upcoming MMO report from E3. A big list of MMO to come.

And Happy birthday Mr. Wright! thankyou for ur Spielberg-esque force emotions on housing. But without u we wouldnt have master pieces such as Falling water and most used movie house ever! Well happy hump day everyone, cya twosmorrow.

Noble_zone brings us this discovering at E3 where boothbabes take a break.

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Good bye UCLA!

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Today is the last day the Wang is at my current job at UCLA, coming next week, the Wnag is moving on to a new field of copmputer geekiness. So today is a day of food aprty and hangout with the co-workers/friends.

Rilo Kiley signed on with WB Records. Not sure if this a sign on indie getting popular or she crossed over to the mainstream side. I guess only time will tell. The Wang also didnt know that Jenny was a actress... my gosh, Troop Beverly Hills.

A short film from the Australia called "Fast Films" is a animated short with photocopies of 300 classics film frames, animated.

2005 Los Angeles International Film Festival

what the hell is this?

Best PSA ever!

Have good weekend folks. To the folks at UCLA, thanks for a fun three years!


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Dont forget, June 3rd is Doughnut Day, and Krispy Kreme is giving out 1 free doughnut of choice!

A new trailer for Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Anyone noticed they dropped the 'Wonka'? did this happen awhile ago?

Gateworld has a whole section the upcoming Battle Star Galactica Season 2, which starts on 7/15. This site includes news, images, episode guides and spoilers.

Ten interesting ideas in videogame construction.

A day in the Life of Vader, where he says's NOooooooo a lot.

Forget the use of cyrstals or plates for mass data storage and microprocessors, the future is in nano-clusters! and self-wiring Field Programmable Gate Arrays

on the note of High tech, i leave u with a fellow asian brother.


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So some more YTMND fun with Padme today: CHoke a bitch and Stripping.

Die Broadcast Flag, DIE!

If u liked Xiao Xiao's stickman animation, then BunnyKill 3 Vol. 1 is for u.

Sissy Pet fights

Starbuck: Eye of the Tiger.

Hmm well not quite sure how to describe this one. Its a video montage of people's faces during orgasm. Oddly enough it should be SFW. I found this clip to be interesting, some cute girls, and some very funny expressions. Though it is SFW and doesnt show anything below the shoulders still might be odd to be viewing this at work.

UPDATE: this is a music video for The Sun's Romantic Death.

Wang was early on noticing the Dietcoke girl, and now That Pepsi girl Blog links us to The Diet Coke Girl Blog. Also ThatPepsiGirl Blog has done some work and found out her name is Nicole Vicious.


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