I want a Sophie!

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So the Wang returned from a evening of cool-ass Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle and some cool thai food @ Toi Sunset, which was a the coolest Thai restaurant featuring classic and indie rock in the background. Also the Wang even spotted a poster to Japanese punk band L'Arc-en-Ciel.

Now Howl’s Moving castle is just one of those Miyazaki masterpieces that u really have to go watch, just so he can remind u what the word "fantasy" really means. Miyazaki’s past films have included great films such as Nauisicaa, Valley of the Wind, Laputa, City in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivery Service. The man is an animation god. In a perfect world, He would of met Walt Disney, and the two of them would have had coffee and tea and talked about the wonders and the imaginations that they could show to a child. And when ever u watch his films, u almost shrink back to ur youth. You find ur self cheering at the hero and heroines. U can find the magic and the innocence in every little animated character and you are drawn into a world that u only remember in your youth. AND THAT is the power of Miyazaki.

So how was Howl’s Moving Castle? Well it was the first romance he made, I think. Most of his past films had male and female characters that always to seem to bond on some family level. Howl’s on the other ended focus on Sophie’s love for Howl. Honestly I think was one of those innocent young childhood love stories where neither character really know what was happening but they just fall into it head first and end up changing both of their lives. Both grow a little and exhibit the maturity of adults. As Miyzaki’s film always show a sign of maturity for his characters buried in the fantasy world and their innocents. They tend to be very simple characters. Still Sophie’s character starts out pretty boring for a main character, but u learn to love her as she grows and understands her self.

Though I don’t think Howl’s moving castle is my favorite Miyzaki film, but I do like the growth of his story telling arts. In the 80s he alrdy directed some of the best anime films of our times, but he keeps getting better. If there was one director that never disappointed me during my life time, Miyazaki would be it. No matter what, he’s the grandfather type that u would ask him to tell u a story, even when u r 50. And he’s the same person u wished that ur kids can listen to when u have some.

Speaking of childhood fun, All-American Soap Box Derby tomorrow in Silverlake!

An AP/AOL poll about entertainment and movies came back with the stuff like 73% of the people would rather watch movies at home on DVDs. And 47% believe that movies are getting worst.

Best headline for Katie Holmes ever! From GoldenFiddle: Before your career dies, you see the ring.

As featured on G4TV’s Attack of the Show, the new DittyBot software lets u email ur Mac with song titles and Dittybot will stream back a song via iTune through Skype. Almost makes me want to have an mac… or wait for DittyBot XP.

Female or She-male?

Halo 3 rumors that includes 50 user multiplayer Xbox live games. Though, this can be just rumors.

damn, where was she when I was going to LAN parties? The Wang needs to go to more LAN parties, cause the new stock of gamers are more female than before.

Specially today, Free Katie!

Liberate mea!




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