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So instead of the usual dress up parties for the Halloween weekend, the Wang chilled at home, nursing a minor cold and joined friends to see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. All the Wang can say is, yes, Michelle Monaghan is uber hawt. Specially the seen here in a naughty Santa’s helper outfit. It makes the Wang want to be a Santa… bad naughty girl u! Not to mention witty dialog, cute smiles, and a messed up character in general, The Wang gives Michelle a potential Mrs Wang rating of 4 out of 5. unfortunately she will be in the upcoming Mission Impossible III, hopefully she has the willpower to fight off Mr. Tom “lightning bolt" Cruise’s Scientology advances. Be strong Michelle, or u know the Amazing Wang will come and save u, sure, I don’t have magic gun powers, but I’ll spend a drama die or a hero point and get u out of any scene! I mean the +4 per roll helps right>? /rpg-geekdom. But I think there’s a future for us, Mrs Spider-tit bouncing Santa girl, the Wang will be ur private Dick. Oh and if u want an actual movie review, of course, there’s mr. Starfizzy.

I’m so moving to England… I mean I’ve even met online blog friend, baggylettuce. A real proof that hawt british buffy-loving girls do exist.

Speaking of which, these Korean Lineage II girls, are kind of cute, atleast from a distance. I mean why is US devoid of hawt gamer/buffy fans?!

The Wang is not a big fan of Hip-Ho/rap, a Wired article on a Hip hop group called Public Enemy. On their success as a do-it-urself band, after using techniques to distribute songs over the internet and innovative contracts with bands they sign.

NASA porn. (SFW)

Watch out Matt Leto, this kid is going to kick ur arse!

Bond-esque intro for Perfect Dark.

If u r a small coffee shop with a sense of humor, what do u dress up as for Holloween? how about Starbuck Zombies?

Apple is officially no longer on the “under dog" list

Rokkitman! full o claymation fun!

The Black Widow keeps eating and winning, does the girl ever gain weight?!

Don’t forget, don’t torture the chicks.

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a Cock?!

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U know when u drive over to Sawtelle, to get some Cinefile rentals and get a sandwhich from Luigis'. U really dont expect to see a Cock in the middle of the street.

Imogen Heap

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so Mr. Starfizzy and I, the Wang attempted to go see Imogen Heap at The Hotel Cafe last night. Of course even after arriving relatively early at 1:20 before the conert, the line was around the street. So there we were, standing there like idiots. Apparently ppl were lining up since 4p. a nice Lady was, kind enough to inform us that we probably wont get in. (I'm still not sure if it was some sort of cheap line tactic to get rid of some of us...) But we promptly left, as Mr. Starfizzy and the Wang have very little patience for lines and crowds. Cause u know ppl are usually dumb, and hog a lot of space. Unless of course, they r cute females, then they can hog all the space around the Wang they want. Today i learned from her forum, that the show was sold out to "list" ppl from the industry, dman punks.

Any ways, we left, and since the proximity of Hotel Cafe and the Arclight, we went and caught a shwoing of Shopgirl starring Claire Danes, Steve Matrin, and Jason Shworsmen-a-bob. it was very cute movie about, sex, love, and loneiless. Claire Danse was uber hawt/cute. it was a cute movie... not truly worthy of too much of a review. But here is one from sone one more capable than me, Mr. Starfizzy.

Since we missed all that Imogen Heap glory, here's a track of hers called Hide and Seek. one of my favorites.

Imogen heap - Hide and See

Everybody loves a Wang!

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New Narania Trailer. This trailers goes even more in the realm of “Big Battles!" advertising route. SO lets see some real battles, this winter, with Harry Potter and King Kong. But the Wang must say, Tilda Swinton get all the cool roles.

Sex I.D. test from the BBC

"What a bunch of Sushis!" The truth behind the Japanese food practical joke scam, that’s been going on for years.

The Wang never advocates online quizzes, but this one is filled with some hawt women, so why not. But the Wang do warn u, some of the later pictures gets a little nasty for the eye. And apparently, the Wang is "Very hard to Please"

A nice Wired article about game addictions.

How come all the geishas in Memoirs of a Geisha are Chinese?

And the Wang is off to see Imogen heap @ The Hotel Café. But not before going to 2 different b-day drinking parties. So… what can I say, everyone loves a Wang.


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Romance of the Jedi

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A horror movie not for sussies, Slither or so they say. Hey its cal Mal in it. The Wang cant tell if it is a comedy or a horror.

The famous Ok Go, A Million Ways dance video. Who r the Napoleon Dynamite of 05'.

LJ’s Audiography Group’s current week’s topic is “Holloween." Its getting some good traffic. Have a gander.

Turner Classic Movies is doing a Miyzaki Film Fest in Jan. 2006. If u don’t know Miyzaki, this is a good time to start. The Wang has introduced Mr. Miyzaki back in the Howl’s Moving Castle reviews.

And it has been awhile, but a new Webzen, Zen What?

Ep. III: Brokeback Mountain. not as good as the shinning trailers, but its funny, cause, u know its mocking Star wars… and we havent had a good star wars laugh in awhile. But the Wang is angered, Snow Patrol’s Run is a good song.

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10 little asian girls = $16k.
Trainning with mountain martial art master = 5 bowl of rice/day
Schoolgril outfits = $100 each
Ninja-esque weapons = $500
Pimped out School Bus $10k

Your very own squad of comabt school girls: Priceless...

They shall be known as the Wang's Angels.

I’ll do ur laundry

Finally, now I know exactly who crashed the bus, trying to kill Veronica… or do I?

Best Quote of the Day:
Someone asked me recently, "Meghann, how can you say you don't mind people reading parts of your book for free? What if someone xeroxed your book and was handing it out for free on street corners?"
I replied, "Well, it seems to be working for Jesus."

Taken from: A boingboing article on a writer wanting her book to be index by Google

Rollover 4 megapixel camera, check out this 4 gigapixel shot where u can see into each room of the San Diego skyline.

Begun, the Beewars, has.

funny Japanese soccer video

Pretty comprehensive iPod Video review, u know for those of u still deciding if u want hand over $400 to Apple.

The Wang agrees: Jewel Staite > Morena Baccarin > Gina Torres > Summer Glau

Hey wait a min, Avril is kinda of hawt, when she’s not all punked out. Way to go on the early 20 maturity thing. And to add, these were from a book premiere. HAWT!

Well have a good, fun, and clean weekend everyone!

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one word links

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basket full of apples

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Bullet style /rant on!

In your face spaghetti lovers!

Congradz to good friend, Foxmouser, whom, pwned the BAR!

Wickedthgouht is right, this never gets old: More cowbells.

Gamers, the movie

Evolution of Gaming is a long read of the evolution of video games from Ars techinca. Its more so a list of games that places milestone in each genre. If u r a old school gamer, some of these games are nostalgic. If not, come and check out what ur uncle Wang used to waste his time on.

I think this Gizmodo article hits the real spot on the iPod video. Its not about the cool techiness of this device, or how can I damage my iPod for the warranties; the truth is how will this effect the media industry in whole? The article doesn’t really go into detail, but the last 2 paragraphs pretty much road maps the next few years, which includes Netflixs, getting their balls kicked. Also, Wired scratches the surface on the Copy right issues brought up by the iPod Video… What can u really play on a ipod Video? Also the iPod Lounge guys are alrdy discussing ways to convert video for it. It will probably end up like the PSP, u have to get a special program on the PC end. unless u have all the cool Sorensen compressions for ur quicktime encoding. Another bomb is the craptasitc move to USB2 getting rid of the Firewire connection… but u can still plug in the Firewire as a charger… smooth Apple.

UPDATE: Nevermind, here is a thread on the quick conversion using QT Pro.
UPDATE 2: BoingBoing jumps in on the copyright and hands us some encoding guides also.

Oh god, yes plz!and more.

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iPod Video

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If u havent heard... i mean of course u have right?


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6/5 odd on the ipod Video!

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Just a few quick bits for the week to start off. Obvs, the Wang did not get the Columbus Holiday like every one else… so the wang is chilling at work, working hard… ya on that note, big important stuff like this happens:

Can you hear me seems to be some sort of indie band online show about a couples of guys doing the gorilla-style indie band video documentary. I have only seen s a few episodes, I cant say its innovation, but so far it has me clicking so. The concept is good, to go behind the industry and check out some of these bands that u normally wouldn’t see anyways. Now I’m always asking isn’t this the type of shows, that MTV “should" be airing? Not that craptastic real world stuff, which, has nothing to do with Music? I mean even the much loved MTV2 doesn’t have any quality programming… shame.

This a is a fascinating Boing boing Article, about breaking up the internet. It cross the political and technical genres. Since US came up and supported much of the original interweb growth, the oldest machines are under the control of US, companies founded by the government. These machines run as the central data source of directories. A bad design I would say. But its not like the internet connot function with out a central source, this is just the current infrastructure which the global interweb is built on. So recently other countries are trying to wrestle this controlling entity from the US into a more worldly entity, govern by many. the BBC article linked at BoingBoing, explains the basis of this issue.

Game Poltics brings us the reactions behind AB 1179. the Bill that our Gavornator signed on last Friday about not allowing retailer to sell mature game rated games, its official release, of course, there r responses to that by the gaming industry, and the Gavornator speaks back.

UPDATE: More links from Kotaku

So Oct. 12th is another big apple announcement. Apple announcements have become such a big event, that Online Betting are taking bets one what will be announced.. Mayeb the Wang should put some money down on the iPod Video, its 6/5 odds.

If u r all into the cosplay thing or am the watching type, here’s an event for u, the Cosplay Holloween Photo Shoot from Cosmode.. Cosmode is some sort of Cosplay magazine from japan. Yes entire magazine dedicated to this…

CNet gives the top 100 Blogs for a DigitAl Lifestyle.

This one is for Noble Zone, Sienna is free again… this time it was her who cheated.

PSA of the day, Liz Phair is still none-indie hawt.

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i like'em low

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I guess once u gone that big there's nothing left for the Wang to offer Naomi.

Wait so they found the tomb of Odysseus, which means the some idiots actually did build a large wooden horse, and some other idiots actually brought it in? hmm atleast this means Helen is real too...

U2 takes over the Conan show TONIGHT! (10/6, well the morning of 10/7)

American Apparel, u r a god! and yes, lower plz....

And what? John Stewart is having Musical guests perform? The White Stripes? Wouldn't that make the Dialy Show a variety show then?

X-Men 3 sneak-view photos

If u loved the Shining, feel good trailer, here is West Side Story as a Zombie apocalypse and Titanic as a horror.

HBO plants bad BitTorrent seeds to combat d/l of HBO shows. Sounds like this is the beginning of some sort of cooperate warfare vs. the end user. I keep asking why these companies cant find a way to instead of combating file sharing rather get in on a part of it, like every seed gets HBO a cent or something like that. Ppl would pay, HBO would make money. Sure DRM arn't the best yet, some ppl will make copies, but still getting in on the action better than getting rid of it right? I mean isn't that what the cops always say?

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

a nice summary/opinion of why Blu-ray will win.

Incase u missed it, The German Serenity Poster Notice how ppl are missing. . . why?! But atleast go River, do u r Ninja-fu stuff in mid air! Duel WIELDing and all. But I mean how can u miss the best part of Firefly?

AH my brother in crime, the Typhoon Longwang.

Well folks, have a good night, the batteries on my wirelss mouse is dying, I guess that means it is time to go home. But I leave u with another Wang style caption contest:

"holy 3d sailors batman! He's coming right at me!"
"hey I heard these new shades can protect u from anything that hits ur face!"
"Hey we should be selling Japanese video games in these outfits"
"Apples. . . Penis..!"

Or comment ur own...

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say hello and wave goodbye

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Sometimes ppl come into ur live like a whirlwind of memories. Sometimes u meet some ppl for short amount of times, but due to the mass amount of events compacted into a short period, those memories are strong and dense. The Wang just had a week and half like that.

In all honesty the Porn Queen was trying set me up with some of her friends. I cannot deny that her friends were cute, smart and filled the golden rule of being Mrs. Wang, which is the ability to sing a particular Cantonese song. (A rule the Wang set in age 17) Still I think the fact that they were visiting and the short amount of time that we spent made it hard to make any conclusive judgments on the romantic front.

But none the less, it was a fun meeting of friends. And in so, their departure will be a sad one. As the Wang type this, they will probably be resting comfortably in some airplane pillow recovering from our whirlwind style of touring in the last 9 days. While all those involve will take rest and recover, sadness does weigh in. Not to mention the Wang misses hanging out with his own ppl. There are just cultures and stories that the Wang grew up with, only to be understood by the rest of his ppl.

So to the new friends of the Wang, have a safe trip, and hope our lives will cross again.

IN then end, here’s a little song about the current mood of the Wang. This song is more about the lost of innocence, but the Wang thinks there’s a little bit of us that goes every time we have one of these vivid memories. We loose something and grow a little… so.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wizard! Fireball!

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If u r geeky enough to know what a THACO or Movement Maneuver roll is then u need to take this test. RPG Class Test It will help u find ur inner gamer. The Wang scored as a wizard:

29% Combativeness, 46% Sneakiness, 73% Intellect, 44% Spirituality
Brilliant! You are a Wizard!

Wizards are spells-casters who study powerful arcane magic. While
Wizards tend to be pretty fragile, some of those spells can pack quite
a punch. Unlike Clerics, Wizards aren't as good at fixing people as
they are at breaking them, so watch where you toss that fireball'

Your most distinctive trait is your intelligence. You're probably well learned and logical, if perhaps a bit fragile.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 4% on Combativeness
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 70% on Sneakiness
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 58% on Intellect
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 52% on Spirituality
Link: The RPG Class Test written by MFlowers on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Xena and Gabrielle IN SPACE!

Remember Maria full of Grace? That movie about a girl who had to smuggle cocaine in latex packets that were swallowed, so she can go through custom. Well, here’s a BBC article on the real life event, and this picture above is an x-ray of someone with cocaine packs in their body.

The Wang wasn’t alone it the viewing of the Veronicrack’s return this season, LAist puts in some good words Including alerting us to the fact that Veronica Mars got some good ratings this last Wed. The Wang is still bitter about the Lost and Veronica Mars timeslot cross over, atleast UPN is man enough to re-air Veronica on weekends. Though the LAist also gave nods to Smallville. This could mean that the LAist has bad taste… or Smallville is once again good enough for viewing.

Match Point, the next movie from Woody Allen, staring Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Emily Mortimer. This movie, does not look like one of those silly Woody Allen films, in fact it looks pretty interesting. Check out the trailer.

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Vegas Baby! Vegas!

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Another wild and crazy weekend with the Porn King & Queen, took us to Vegas, the land of $8.95 buffets. The Wang was hired as escort and basic Guide to the Porn family’s house guests from the motherland, the Porn Queens old friends from Shenzhen. So besides a week of eating and general site seeing The Wang went to Disneyland last weekend and ate across Santa Monica and Karaoke-ed till 2am on a work night. All fun and worth it the Wang thinks. Cuz there’s nothing more fun then a a week of mad partying with new friends. Which lead to this last weekend of mad Vegas trip.

Vegas started pretty crappy as we learned that the usual Wang spot of choice, the Wang family time share was booked out. Which is an odd occurrence. So the Porn King found some last min. cheap hotel via the interweb. Now the day before we left the Wang busted out his mad skillz and acquired a room at the Wang time share, and thus saved the fate of hanging out at the Gold Palms. See the when we went to the golden Palms to cancel our reservation, we were greeted by crack baby asking for bus change and drunken Bon Jovi karaoke-ers. I mean the worst of the karaoke lot would be the bon Jovi singers… right above the George Michael singers. The Wang friends learned that we couldn’t out right cancel 1 out of the tonight we reserved, so we ended up paying for one night. The lot of us went to check out the room, to see if we wanted to stay one night, but we decided that the Wang time share was infinitely better.

Thus we, the Wang friends, packed our selves, 5 of us, into the time share for the weekend. Much fun was had. We ended up hitting China town for Chinese food for like 4 times, visiting only 2 restaurants. One of them being the Shanghai Noon Restaurant. Which has a nice spicy pepper dish. The Porn Queen’s friends and the Porn seemed to really like the simple Shanghai-nese food, rather than the fancy casino buffets. Though the Wang did manage to get the lot of them to try out some New York new York hot dogs, and the Wang discovered this little nice Italian produce/food place at the Venetian.

The Wang friends spent most of our time checking out Casino, and doing some minor gambling. The Highlight of the trip would be our $100 exertion of watching the Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity. Zumanity is Cirque du Soleil’s answer to the adult shows of Vegas, basically topless acrobats with the bit of Cirque du Soleil humor and presentation. So seeing that one of the porn queen’s friend, Bobo seem to have a desire to see some naked ppl, we decided to watch this show. Of course the Cirque du Soleil branding is always a plus.

The show was pretty good. Nakkid people doing artistic things always make it less cheesy and tacky. In fact porn should be done more in the realm of Cirque du Soleil. The show has the usual Cirque du Soleil side “clown" characters that would walk around and entertain the crowd, half nakkid acrobats, travesties with waste shrinking girdles, east European hula hoop girls in plaid skirts, hawt Asian contortionists in a water bowl, cabaret dance numbers and a cool Satyr + Nymph aero-batic thing. But the real fun didn’t happen till the Wang was summoned on stage, so these two lovely beauties can throw knives at the Wang. But the Wang got rewarded with a nice backtrage tour after the little knife throwing act. Which, many of the acrobats were, scantly dressed for their performances. Not to mention satisfying one the Wang’s building-wanderlust fetishes.

All in all, it was a fun weekend of hanging out with foreign girls and eating and site seeing. Still the week is still on going as the Porn Queen’s friends are still here still Wed. of this week, so adding to last night Uno extravaganza, there might be more singing and more eating involved. It always helps that singing and eating involves cute Asian girls.