I want to tear u apart.

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Of course last night’s Spoon @ the Wiltern event has been meticulously documented by Mr. Starfizzy. Mr. Starfizzy employs a collective of dwarves and small ppl that works around the clock to write up witty puns and sarcastic banter. They pool up these in a bucket made from the skulls of ultimate players that fell to the massive Frisbee talents of Mr. Starfizzy. Just ask him when u meet him, he always carries around his weapon of choice, 200 gram, Wham-O classic Tournament edition ready to slay any challengers with his 5 Directional Frisbee Killing Technique. So once the small ppl readies the written up papers of banter and remarks, Mr. StarFirzzy would randomly select a few articles and chain them together on his blog. So on that note, I give u his Spoon @ The Wiltern concert review.

The grand Theory behind Lost whatcha all think?

Not that I’m a great fan of teen drama shows, but the Wang occationally catches a few showing of the O.C. and did commit some time in the past to Dawson’ creek (The 5th season totally sucked and the Wang left… Ha College Dawson, ya right!) But the tie-in here’ is that Baggy returns to her blogspot roots and drops a O.C. is the new Dawson Creek. With snarky comments like

With any luck, by the time the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes marriage is through (5 years, if rumour is to be believed, and isn't it always?), Mischa will be ready, willing and able (read: good candidate for Xenu to fill her with thetans and brainwash her, or whatever it is the magical volcano of happy vitamins does) to become Mrs Tom Cruise IV.

Some cool art.

The Wang likes…

This is a background image for the band She Wants Revenege. But these two girls in the video/picture here are hawt. Too bad they don’t show up in the video enough. Wang demands Asian MTV style of hawt girls in every MTV! Here’s 2 MP3 from them.. One “tear you apart" was the song that got the Wang searching for them in the first place. They kind of have a Franz Ferdinand thing going on.

Morning Becomes Ecclectic brings us The Arctic Monkeys music and video buzz. Mainly to promote their sold out show at Spaceland tonight.

On that note, we get the combination of my new sig file:

img, words

Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge


The Dij and Misspaprika


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