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Incase u've been living under a rock, devoid of gaming and/or MS ad campaign, then u probably dont know anything about the launch of the Xbox 360. The Event Xbox Zero Hour is a giant sales pitch/alt groupie fest that bring out gamers for one soul reason of finding out that yes, girls play video games to get in on the glory of this date in video game history. The Xbox 360 will either comeout dominating the console industry or still make a lot fo money, but be second to the Sony PS3 and the mysterous Nintendo Revolution. The PS3 is a power house in the tech field and the Revolution seems to be hitting a niche market, of less hardcore, funloving gamers.

Big Blog sites like Joystiq and Kotaku all have thier coverages on the mega-event. With cool stuff like ppl robbing Xboxs to How to find a last min XboX 360. Still Microsoft has done wonders in turning these tech release to parties. Much like the Halo 2 release last yr that turns these events into camping out for movies-type mega geek fest. The Wang cannot say this is a bad thing. it brings out geeky commadre and the ladies. So both r win win situations in these events. But having another Xbox shortage may cause much violence and fun. Who knows, this xmas shopping season just might be interesting.

On the otherhand, this is like the oscar to the modern day gaming news media. All these blogs, websites, and TV channels will treat this as the 3rd impact. This is probably the biggest news ppl like G4TV will be covering for month to come. In fact, they have a dedicated site, a giant clock counting it down for us, satellite coverage of nightly events tonight and probably a few ghetto corporate blogs or two dedicated to it all. Not to mention the events Microsoft are pimping, like Xbox at the Citywalk. The EBgames at the city walk is like the geek shiek of gaming meccas. Of course this is much better than those motion rides that use to occupide the space yrs before. Even the big-boy medias are throwing their 2 cents, and most of them lean on the not-so glamourous launch title review route.

Still the Wang reminds u to be safe out there, if u r going to fight the kids for a Xbox 360. And remember if a fellow on the street is going to sell u one, make sure it says 360, instead of just buying an old Xbox. And u might as well buy some service plan on it.

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