Specially in French.

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Scarlett J, hawt even in French, especially in French.

Darkness is spreading… Darkness’ new video One way ticket to hell and back… They r like a guilty pleasure for the Wang… long hair 80s glam rock looking fellow… I mean we all know what Patton Oswalt said, “if u like glam rock in the 80s, u must be gay…", The Wang so hopes that’s not true.


MIT rolls out the $100 laptops for poor kids in foreign countries. They are also going to go setup a mesh wireless network in the places they r distributing them. Also these things are hand cranked… which, I assume means they can power them selves if needed. Damn I want one of these things.

Get ready for the future athletes, Video gaming super stars soon they will be indorsing Logitech mice and selling cooling fans on websites. The sad thing is geek girls of the future will throw them selves upon these giants, whom were nothing more then pimpled face geeks not 3-4 yrs ago. And yes the Wang is jeolous, should of played more FPSs in my youth.

This Engadget article bring us to the attention of the recent reports by the major networks, on the raise of DVRs The good thing is that viewership is up, but skipping commercials and ads are also a commonplace with DVRs. Though none have the coveted ReplayTV commercial advance anymore. Still the current trend of TV watchers is based on DVRs and Fast Forward mentality. This of course throws a wrench into the half century old TV commercial model. So the major companies are trying new stuff. Check out the original Engadget link to see some big networks jumping in the onDemmend model.

Well the Wang is exiting stage left to get to the Wiltern stage right to check out the Spoon concert. So peace, be safe, and think about this:


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