Happy new year?

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So did everyone enjoy the new years? Well for the Wang it was wet. The SoCal area was one big flood fest. Even the famous new year Pasadena event was renamed to the Rained out Rose Parade 2006. The Wang’s old haunt, Hawaii, was hawt weekend. though.

Kate Beckinsale is the new wonderwoman, no that Wonder Woman

MSN outs “Yupsters" and brings us the horrid news that Audi now advertises in Pitchfork…

Its not a new year, unless there’s some news about Window’s security holes. This one involves WMFs and web page viewing. So wait for a patch, use their unofficial one, or hide ur self in ur closet and don’t turn on ur computer until u read that its safe from right here, WWWang.

Best idea for New Year Resolutions brought to u by the Zombie Queen.

I know women like it when u have smooth skin and a hard nose, but marrying a dolphine!? I guess they r mammals right?

Top 50 INDIE videos of 05’ The Wang specially likes that Sigur Rós one. Also the white stripes video features Conan O’Brian.

It’s a Snake!!

Even leeroy made the Top 25 videos of iFilm

Incase u don’t know or don’t care, this week is the geek mecca of sin city. CES is happeneing right alone with some sort of porn-con I’m sure. Since the Wang don’t make it out during these early parts of the yr, due to work, we’ll have to reply on web techie giants like Engadget and Gizmodo to do the floor work.

GGA gives us this nice top 5 trends in video gaming in 2005

BTW incase u haven’t noticed, WWW has switched over to Haloscan due to large amount spam comments that the MT spam filters take out. Still good friend webmaster stilled warned us of the system hog and the potential email nightmare of MT’s loop holes. So for now. WWW is going Haloscan.

Have good night all, cya tomorrow… maybe.


GoldenFiddle, ThighsWideShut and March Hare and Noble Zone


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