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Happy Halloween

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Not scary in the sense of zombies and vampires, but equally scary in the future of our little nation. More and more craptastic government stuff are happening everyday. So to start, the wang drops some of the fun stories about recent invasions in the privacy and freedom of speech.

So all u gentle readers in the interweb must of heard of the story about how Christopher Soghoian, did a little web page that can generate a fake boarding pass for airlines to show a loop hole in the security system, that has been documented by the airline companies for yrs.. But that landed him a visit from the friendly FBIs and Representatives asking for him to be arrested. Now Boingboing readers come back with some fun stuff like, self scribbled boarding pass, which by the Patriot act, can warrant some FBI visits. To the even funnier, fake search warrant generator.

The whole BoingBoing coverage

Another story of cool BB reader response is to the recent news that Boyscouts can now get a “copyright badge" for listing to some RIAA/MPAA brainwashing classes on copyright issues. BB readers respond with the Free Culture Badge, which requires more work, like:

Raise money with a bakesale to go across the country to CMG Worldwide in Indianapolis or Intellectual Properties Management (IPM) in Atlanta to convince these organizations to free images associated with Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King and release them into the public domain for use in school projects, such as web pages

Someone finally called all the slutty Halloween costume wearing ladies on, the Ho’lloween trend. Something from a more creditable news agency.

In the spirit of the RPG net inspirational thread, the Wang gives u the more focused (on one topic) Star Trek Inspirational Posters

a very creative Flickr homemade costume set

I’ll be in my bunk…

The New Yorker gives a big write up for Will Wright. and other gaming pioneers in the other pages… But I mean do we need to really read past Wright?

A BSG themed Halloween comic... "What are u suppose to be?" "A cyclon". Geeks around the world tonight will be dressed as a "cylon"


H for Halloween

Well, have a fun and safe Halloween. The Wang will be partying alone, @home with my new hawtie, who just came out today…


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Short and Sweet

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Keeping it short and simple, this week the Wang does a luck luster work week, and some sort of more interweb browsing schedule to bring u a few short and small gems. Though it seems the numbers may be small, thequality is never failing.

A good reason to watch the Price is Right again… bouncing boob collection.

Masterpiece theatre presents: Christopher Walkens reads the 3 little pigs. This is what makes Walkens a god amongst man.

Its nice to see old school print magazines like Popular Science join the blogging world. Its specially nice to know that one of their first entries is The Science of Pole Dancing.

In case u missed it, Firefox 2.0 was released this past Tuesday. The MS Internet Explorer guys was nice enough to send over a cake.

Wired gives us the a cool 6-word story from various sci-fi writers, including, Wheldon, Gibson, Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Neil Gaimen, Orson Scott Card, Kevin Smith, and many more. The Wang’s favorite has to be:

God to Earth: “Cry more, noobs!"
- Marc Laidlaw

50 worst game names, ever!

Webzen: Spooky Zen


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So this past weekend was the Bridge school Benefit concert @ Shoreline in Mountain view. First of all, the Wang isn’t about reviewing concerts, so here’s a much better report of the bridge school accounts via Mercury news by Shay Quillen.

But the Wang do have a few things of note.

  • Must learn to play the Guitar
  • Trent Reznor brought some of the hawtest Cello players to do a great set of Mellow NIN songs with a string quartet. Though Shay from Mercury News don’t agree.
  • The Shoreline gets cold, so bring a jacket
  • its very crowded on the lawn and it has a weird slope, beach chairs help
  • Death Cab sounds EXACTLY the same as they do on CDs
  • Need to start listening to Pearl Jam, they were quite good.
  • Didn’t truly dig Dave Mathew, but he had one of the best music jam sets. They just went all out!
  • need to find a better way to sneak in a SLR, bag checkers are getting good at noticing the Digital SLRs
  • Flickr set of Mytmouse - some Bridge School photos, but mostly of Death Cab and Dave Mathews.
  • Rick’s Flickr Set - less photos, but he seemed to have a VIP ticket to the lounge.

But the most important thing of this week, for the Wang, was hearing Hurt by Trent Reznor. Even though this is an old song, the Wang has spent most of his 90s listening to Chinese pop (we dont talk about this...) So most fo the 90s music scene is blurred down to TV and Film soundtracks. But anyways, upon hearing this song for the first time on the radio awhile back, the Wang had made a mental note to find it. Though this thought was reinforced by hearing Trent doing it acoustically with 2 hawt chicks on the cello. All of this which lead to the Wang doing some inet surfing fun, that lead to Johnny Cash’s version, which is the main point of today’s post.

“Hurt" was covered by Johnny in 2003 a few month before his death and few month before his wife’s death. The video features the both of them. I like how Wikipedia’s entry states that upon hearing this song, Trent felt that Wow. I just lost my girlfriend, because that song isn't mine anymore. Though Trent sings a more powerful version of hurt, Johnny Cash clearly captures the feeling of the song’s lament. Plus the videos of his life, made this song his. I think this is what music is truly about, sitting under the stars with hundreds of ppl sharing that emotion. So this week goes to Trent and his string quartet, but the song goes to Johnny Cash.

MP3: Johnny Cash – Hurt

Buy it from Amazon

VIDEO: NIN doing Hurt live in Germany 2000

Is it Tuesday?

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THe Wang found a rather boring day @ work which lead to a lot of web surfing and youtube watching. So without futher delay the wang gives u a specila Tue. edition of "crap u dont have to search for because we gave u the links".

Disney Orgy… need I say more?

Oh some body had fun with paint…

Damn based on Thighmaster recent faptastic link from last week, Lucas sure picked a lot of hawt hand maidens. It’s a shame that their job was to die for the queen, such shame…

A cool Reuter article talks about the plans to tax economical transactions in virtual worlds. The cool news is that Reuter has a Second Life branch that is dedicated to news in SL. Cool stuff.

More Youtube comedy gold:

whole n3w l3v3ls 0f h4wt!

And for my WoW Hommies:


Golden Fiddle, Waxy links, Thighs Wide Shut, LAist, Geek on Stun

99 cent videos store.

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Beyond the whole Youtube event, this week seems to be a big video week. So without much more words, the Wang will let the motion pictures do the talking:

G4’s Attack of the show brings us this cool parody of PS3 vs. the Wii in the PC vs. Mac style. Cept suddenly the Wang wants to buy a Wii and play with it bed.

Other nasties!! OMG! Fork to mind’s eye!!

George Lucas, funny, for once… on Colbert doing the lightsaber green screen challenge. And submitting one of the best Green Screen Challenge Entries. I guess he has the money and the resources to make a good one. Not to mention mocking his own movies. Worthy if a watch, specially the epic duel at the end.

The true Battle of the Album Cover Arts

Have a fun and save Octoberfest starting weekend, dont drink too much!


Golden Fiddle, SFist, Engadget


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I'm quite sure that you all gentle readers have heard the big news earlier in the week that Youtube got by Google for like 1.65 billion monopoly dollars. The Youtube founders can be seen .

The Wang hasnt been posting naything about tech news, and is quite sure that the lot of u get to hear stories like this about the interweb so it isnt much to be posting this as news here. But the Wang did come accross this video today, via Waxy.org:

Here's a more personal introspective on the users of Youtube, the community, the "you guys." No matter what crap happens on the business/tech side, there are these losers, pretty ppl, ppl looking for attention, ppl looking for compaionship online. What do we call come online for? information, to waste time, to seek a connection... or just to look at hawt ppl? Well this video, though simple really gives a nice view of all the different ppl, different purpose and the coolness, the ugliness and beauty of human community, online or off. The Wang cant say that this clip is surprisingly entertaining, but it is true. And sometimes, all we seek, is the truth.

Goldenboy - Underneath the radio

Day Aginst DRM

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Thats right gentle readers, a day aginst DRM. DRM stands for digital rights management. And Boingboing, the big brother of all that is cool and free on the web, the protector of our interweb rights, brings us the whole load down on the day aginst DRM:


BoingBoing brings us articles on DRM free music search engines, Things done against DRM, things that DRM broke, & technologies that we could of had or is now gone due to DRM. Not that DRM is comepletely crap. The Wang supports the artisits out there whoe deserve their fair share. But having corporation impose on a user when/where he/she can use something they legally paid for is absurd. Sure one can throw this in the liberal movement against The Man, but the current application of DRM simply does not work. In fact the ppl that DRM are suppose to fix, never uses anything that has DRM in it. So the only person this system effects are the ppl who legally bought their copies of videos or music. Beyond the rent, yes the digital medium business model is still standing on shacky grounds. Sure iTunes seems to be making money, but everyone and their 14 yr old kid brother gets around iTunes DRM... who knows. The Wang personally think it is a "less evil" situation, in which, this is the only thing that business CAN do now. Though i dont think the big corps are trying really hard on coming up with new business models, rather they like to spend money on law sue tactics to scare the tweens.

And weeks later, here's the interweb load of recent interesting stuff:

Oddly fun game: Line Rider Here are some examples of really cool ones: Helicopter escape

Times magazine gives us the Top 100 novels of the last century starting from 1923.

I remember the 60s… Kiki would run all over in here little white dress. It was more like just 67, 68, and few month in 69.

Though, I do like this quote about the director, Ellen von Unwerth:

"Ellen photographs women like objects, almost like a voyeur. They're very sexy photos. If you look at her photos, you would say a man made them. I would say an older man who likes young girls."

-- Isabella Rossellini

Best Album Review ever! by Pitchfork for Jet’s new album: Shine On.

Personally, the Wang thinks that Gnarls Barkley is a genius. Between the Vader seesions of “Crazy" Live and just the musical goodness, here’s the new video for “Gone Daddy Gone" where they r bugs checking out a girl:

Alrighty, cya in the interweb or at some anti-DRM rally or just that dive bar on Market st.

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