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Dont think too much...

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There's something meta about driving home from SF after a weekend and hearing the Decemberists "O Valencia" while passing through Valencia. Clearly the song isnt about the city, north of LA, but still the name stuck and the weirdness sets in. Above is the video, which the Wang have mentioned before, mainly due to the coolness of the clip.

There's always something great about long distance trips where one can let their iPod's playlists go crazy. I have learned that even an LA<->SF trip only goes through about little under 100 songs in the iPod. This really doesnt make a dent on the 4k+ songs i have in my right now. Sometimes i have song in there that i never even heard of. But the Wang do enjoy sometime along in the desert, in the car, it is truly the best time to think about everything.

On that note it is with a sad heart that the Wang may decide to leave LA for NoCal permanently in the coming month... but its still up in the air right now. Great opportunities lie north, so the Wang may finally fulfill his dreams of permanently becoming a SF-ian. But in his heart of hearts, LAist is truly a much better website than SFist. So a part of the Wang will be forever left here in the city of Angels... mostly in Pasadena, across the street from McMurphy's in Old Town... DAMN U VODKA!

Still friends and comfort zones made the Wang's last departure rather hard, perhaps this time, for good, will be even harder. Still let us enjoy the meta-ness of the musical moment during a car ride, cause that what life is really about sometimes, being lost in the moment and not thinking too much.

Girls + Mud + Rain = AWESOME!

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After the greatest disappointment that was season 5 Felicity, JJ Abraham has done no good. Not even the greatness of Alias, which had some great season 1/2 episodes, only to be again trashed by more crap later on.

So that bring us to Lost. The Wang has always viewed Lost With a bit of skepticism, missing a whole chunk of season 2, only to be lured back due to our new HDTV. So Wed nights, WoW runs on the computer as the TV fires up to HD Lost. The Wang cannot say he is a avid fan once again, but the recent episode of Exposé was rather cool in that, side-characters-gets-sucked-into-bigger-plot-than-they-know episode, much similar to a famous Babylon 5 episode, A View from the Gallery. Though with a dark ending... But that bring us to the main point of todays post. Normally the Wang is too busy to post 2 days in a roll, unless it involves hawt girls. So here it is from last nights episode, Kate Juliet, Rain, Mud, Fighting... this can only mean one thing.


Though truckasaurus makes a cameo at the end, but for the most part, this episode of Lost goes to the Ladies:

Total fucking bull shit.

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With the end of a quarter + the popularity of their current basketball team in the March madness, this years UCLA undie Run was huge. (via LAist coverage)

Alanis does "my Humps"?! Its definitely a more slow and surreal version of the song, + a $200 MTV.

Pirates 3 Trailer yes, hopefully this will be a another fun ride, much like the second. Please please don’t focus on the plot and just give us some mad pirate on pirate action. Though since Chow Young Fat is a Asian pirate, we just might get some ninjas in the movie… one can hope, that would make this movie, LEGENDARY!

Finally indie rockers’ dancing caught on video. (click on the “keepon dancing to Spoon")

So the techno nerds have created codes to use a Bluetooth to pickup Wiimote commands for the MAC OS X. Linked with some creative audio programming, Yann Sezner created this Wiimote Looping program. he uses the Wiimotes motions for manipulating sound pitches and shows off some interesting dance moves while mixing.

Comic gold, specially when Stewie from Family guy brings it full circle.

"Did Bloggers really wear red capes and goggles and glog from high-altitude balloons?"

And finally, The Onion News Network: Immigration, the Human Cost. and The dungeons and dragons people have weapons, they have wands and bags of holding.

And incase u havent been watching it, go see This American Life on Showtime.

and Lastly, u moment of David Lynch Zen:


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