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Sometime in the future, we'll all look back, and some how realize that 2007 was the year the network exec, decided to target the geeks. The Wang has always been saying for the last 7 yrs, that Geeks are the nerds of the Aughts. In the 90s, it was the decade for nerds to shine in their dot com bubbles of the late 90s, where every computer nerd could of ended up with a trophy wife from their IPO stock boom. But some how that bubble popped a bit for most of the latecomers. So then the mosaic-esque web techniques gave birth to the Web 2.0 of today's interweb where every geek can have their own blog, Youtube pages, mySpace, Facebook, and even a webcomic if u r up to it. All u need is a sense of humor and some spare time, there's a website out there that built just to host ur Web 2.0 content.

Of course, Hollywood, being ever the trend whore, wanted in on the geek-pop-sphere. I guess one too many Kevin smith movies makes Hollywood think that they can hit up any geek culture with the right amount of humor. But why they seem to forget is that, they need directors and writers that know their material, not a Hollywood intern given a laptop and a Myspace account and asked to go "research" geeks. The Wang cant proclaim any great amount of geekdom but does know shit when he sees it. And by Shit, I mean this new crop of fall shows that seem to somehow target the geek-mass.

So somehow during the Fall season of 07, networks decided that, "hey have u heard about this internet thing, my daughter is talking about? Or whats this wow?" And of course, 8+ million users later, ever one in it for the cold hard cash is trying to link themselves to WoW.... But I digress, thought that new Toyota commercial with wow is pretty funny... (I AM THE LAW GIVAA!!). So Hollywood, who thinks computers can do everything... discovers the internet and go hey, we need to target these so-called geeks, because, u know, they work and have money. Things that Men's magazines like Maxim and FHM have know for decades, is that men around our age have a lot of money and we don't fall for the usual crap of advertisement. But funny thing is that we really do... I mean why else would every geek out there be buying the same LCD monitor they read about on Engadget? We just didn't want to be main stream. So things were geeky cool when they weren't mainstream. Back when Gizmodo and Engadget was only known in the inner circle. Still, the point...SO Hollywood targets geeks. SO this fall, the Wang does his usual, check of the fall season and what does he notice... we get shows like, NBC's Chuck and CBS's Big Bang Theory. Thought there good stuff too, the Wang is happy to see Sci-fi making a come back in primetime... but don't get me started on Heroes... a poor excuse for a superhero show.

So back to the shit @ hand: We have Chuck, Best Buy wannabe geek squad sale dude turn into super spy because he opened an mind altering email. Well he didn't turn into a super spy, more so he became a super geek, a walking knowledge base with super hawt protection in the name of Yvonne Strzechowski , aka hawt aussie. Though Adam Baldwin (not related to THE Baldwins) does pack in his usual quirky strongman role. The Wang thinks that Josh Schwartz, after finishing his comic geek character on the O.C., now he claims knowledge over all geekdom, and gives us Chuck. As crappy as Chuck's portrayal of a geek, it gets worst in Big Bang Theory.


So the big bang theory seems to be a sitcom about 4 caltech researchers. The theme is about a super geek character trying to go after the new blonde neighbor across the floor. That's about it. Throw in some physics/math jokes and a jab at MMOs here and there and u have it. How Hollywood views geeks. Though the show is from Chuck Lorre, of Dharma and greg fame. But the Wang isn't a vegan yogan chick, so I have nothing to complaint about his previous show. Still, somehow I think the attempt at the geek populace just isn't as smooth as the attempt on the Slacker populace. With shows like the Reaper and movies like Knocked Up they seem to hone in on the slacker generation in the riding on the tail coats of older movies/shows of the past. Reapers aint great yet, but at least Kevin Smith himself is doing a few episodes, hopely he, being of his Cleric/mallrat/Chasing Amy fame should know a thing or too about slacker comedy. Mean while writer director Judd Apatow does seem to have his genre and humor down. The Wang has heard good things about Superbad...

So in general, this was more a rant of Hollywood typecasting/stereotyping ppl as usual. I guess u can do humor on that easily, as comedians have always proved. Still, its achingly painful to watch some of these shows... not knowing if the writers of these shows are making fun of geeks, or they just don't get it. While the slew of Sci-fi shows are pretty much riding some sort of Lost/Heroes fame also. Hopefully they don't fall down the same Hollywood exec-hole, in where they just become mystery novel with no revelation, hooking u like an MMO timesink.

BTW. Comments seem to be still weird... i'll still be looking into that. Anyone know anything about mySQL?

And ya, I've been lazy to post crap.
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