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It has been soo long since the Wang's last post, that even the Wang himself don't remember much. But since u gentle readers all sit patiently glued to ur RSS feeds of WWW, The Wang figures its about time for another infamous update. Of course, like a good blogger, the Wang keeps notes for things he wants to blog about. But as a bad blogger the Wang will dump the entirety of 1.5 month of stuff in one giant post. This might get long... That's what she said!! (and it might include a lot of random links like that one there.)

First off, the almost two month old post that the Wang should of wrote for Coachella 08'. Since it is very late, The Wang will cut it short.

It was fun.

Here are more photos than u can shake a stick at:
-The Wang's Flickr Coachella 08 Set
-Sunggnus' Flickr He Haz a photo pass.
-Ourcommon's Flickr stuff, very pretty.
-Miss Black's I'm w/ the Band Set
-Girl from Long Beach
-Jackiebutler's Coachella Group.
-Lastnightsparty's photoset (some NSFW stuff)
-LAist's coverage Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3
Damn it, I truly miss the LAist. They were nice enough to post a "where to eat" @ Coachella list. That's right SFist u've been warned, shape up or u r losing ur spot in the Wang's RSS feed.

Some of the memorable moments include The Flogging Molly Mosh out, the Gogol Bordello Mosh Out, which lead to famous drum riding, and yes, you r right, one of those hands holding up the drum is, in fact, of the Wang. The Wang was up front and right. When the the drum flew, the Wang brought forth his super human strength and carried the Gogol Bordello Dancing girl, by himself with the aid of a few. The Wang and friends, camped this yr @ Tent City which basically involve staying up late and waking up tot he heated tent fighting for a shower spot. Mr. Starfizzy did battle with the electronic charging wall daily. He is an avid documentor with a very small battery.

Other things of note:
-Best Video Ass Shaking.
-Roger Water Lost his Pig and then found it.
-Prince did his "Second Coming" thing and played for like 3 hrs. The Wang Squad enjoyed it from a distance, safe from the rabid fans. But we did miss the epic music momemnt of him covering "Creep". being Prince, he proceed to remove every video on Youtube of it... thank god the internet is beautiful place. So here it is: Prince Covering Creep.
-The Wang does regret not being able to be at multiple places at once... or to have the willingness to stay late enough to see Fatboy Slim

Of course the rest of today's Giant Panda Post will be paw style... one after the other. A lot of crap. Feel free to skip around or go back to your pron. Also, some of these things might be month old news.

Microsoft PlayForSure Server being shut down letter

Newly discovered brit band, Elbow brings us this gem of a video: Switching Off.

A really nice artilce on what is Generation Y.

The Wang's most-est favorite director plus 2 "!!", Wong Kar Wai is re-doing on of his earlier art films: Ashes of Time Redux

10 yr Old Sungha Jung plays the hell out of a guitar doing With or Without You

An article translated from a "removed" article on South China Weekly about the shady digital crack that is ZT online. This either gives MMO a bad name, or points out exactly what type of games that the Chinese gamer want. ZT Online basically allows anyone to buy, legally, their character to the top levels.

Guitar Hero World Tour:

The National - About Today live Post rock style

A cool video: Hand Vagina (SFW)

ICYMI, Weezer's Pork and Beans video that fits in more internet meme than LOLcon. and here's Wired's Interview w/ the director of this video. brings us this trailer for The Go-Getter, starring Zooey Deschanel. Hopefully a few good indy films can bring her rep back from "The Happening".

And this is how you advertise: The Lost Season 1 promo from UK

"nuke the fridge" is the new "jumped the shark". Even Urban Dictionary approves.

Devastating insults from around the world Funny stuff.

The Beginning of the End, Youtube annotations or the more realistic end: Large Hardon Collider activation countdown

J.K. Rowling's Harvard University 2008 Commencement Address:

On this wonderful day when we are gathered together to celebrate your academic success, I have decided to talk to you about the benefits of failure. And as you stand on the threshold of what is sometimes called 'real life', I want to extol the crucial importance of imagination.

Nude Remix by James Houston. Done with old tape drives and printers. Awesome.

Nude - Radiohead

Jesus Phone Round 2. But why do we keep letting Apple get away with this crap though? the Wang thinks that if these were the specs for iPhone 1, we'd all be worshiping the new Apple religion, but really to release the iPhone 2 one year after that stepping stone, known as iPhone 1 is just an insult to consumers. Specially now with stuff like 4G tech rolling around. We really need to stop giving Apple the free pass on coming out with mediocre tech, slapping an Apple logo on it, and call it the next coming. Innovation people, Innovation! P.S. The Wang is getting ready for the July 10 iPhone line infront of the Apple stores, who's with us?!

Internet Culture Alert: Failwale Stalker Girlfriend. You either know what that means or clearly don't Twitter enough.

Vanity Fair's Blogopticon

Congradz to Facebook:

Speaking of which this leads us to this funny INternet Party, where websites are people and MySpace gets an Intervention.

101 Rules for Female-Fronted Bands

The Submarines on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic on June 13th, a good show. and a really great way toi see how cute Blake Hazard is.

Best new site to waste you time on: Sorry I missed Your Party

1. Download Firefox 3. 2. type this into the awesome bar: "about:robots"

Not to be confused with the Wang Wang, here's The Weng Weng Rap

Having problems pronouncing your favorite Sigur Ros song names? The Wang provides you with some this website: Some sort of Icelandic site that pronoucnes everything and we have no idea what it is, since we still cant read Icelandic.

"So um, who's a Robin?"

Wow, that was a load of stuff, If you are still with us, I applaud you, if not, we'll see u next time the Wang's text files is filled and must be dumped into a blog post. Actually, we should have one up pretty soon. As the main motivation to this post, is because the Wang wants to review a pair of movies that is so awesome, that it almost rivils the Awesomeness of Fantasy Mission Force" but with 20 gallon more blood, PER scene!!

Until then, the balcony is closed.

LAist, Achtung Baby!, io9, Waxy Links, Gizmodo, Laughing Squid, Thompson on Hollywood, Media Futurist, Why I Failed, Wikipedia


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