Why yes officer, those ARE bullets in my window...

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SO yes, once again the Wang mobile was involved in another crime. A few month back, the Wang mobile got broken into and an unknown person, whom was nice enough to leave a box of cigarettes on my floor, removed few of our loving electronic gadgets. Amongst the missing items were my beloved D70, a 4g iPod, Best Buy gift certificates, and the seldom played DS, or as the Wang calls it, the Nintendog machine.

But that's actually old news. It was like months ago. The Wang alrdy got his insured new camera alrdy.

So once again, the Wang was traveling in the search of great treasures and booty in the land of Berkeley of the kingdom of California. The Wang mobile was placed on a street that was semi shady on the GTA4 scale. But the Wang figures that, "God's in his heaven. All's right with the world." After some roughing around with the lovely hosts of the evening's entertainment, the party clearly heard the sound of continuous popping. Now the Wang was educated once that if random popping sounds happen in the neighborhood, one should just assume its car back fire. But if it is continuous and without rhythm, it is probably gunfire. So the Wang hosts and the Wang agreed that it wasn't the normal strand of Chinese firecrackers either and decided to call the sheriffs of Berkeley. The sheriff were a cheery lot and responded with some typical 'boxed' questions about, "If we seen anything, beside the sound," or "Heard anything AFTER the gunfire." Eventually they responded to us by saying, they've alrdy gotten calls and they will checkout the area in haste. I guess that eased our worries and we continued in our merry ways of pillaging fantastical lands with our paper people.

It wasn't till the evening came to an end and the Wang returned to his faithful steam wagon, did he notice the shattered windows. From there, the Wang went through the regular procedures and called the sheriffs back for an report. In which that's when the audience learns about how the earlier shooting was, in fact a real shooting, in which, no one was hurt. But they documented the fact that the Wang mobile was in fact, damaged. The bullet went in at an angle and hit the back of the passenger front seat. Also made a mess on the back seat with layers of powdered glass. The Wang was informed that if he discovered the bullet, it might be good to bring it back to the Police department, but all the Wang can find is some sort of deformed metal. One would assume that bullets do deform a lot, but all that the Wang found was a scrap of bent metal, perhaps it is a bullet, or maybe just some random robot dandruff. 

The Wang is sure that he'll probably get another one of those recorded voice messages from his insurance company about watching where to park. Sometimes, just sometimes, the Wang really misses the safety and comforts of LA's south central. At least u know after an heated crime scene incident, u can drive over and get some good Roscoe's chicken and waffle to ease the trouble soul.

More Photos of the Wang mobile: Flickr Set 


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