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Blogs are so 2004.

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Since i've not updated this thing for month & that I needed an outlet to post this, i figure this is a good way to come back with a post of sorts. I think these days I spend most of my days on Tumblr. I wish there's a way to auto-tumblr links to Movabletype. I'm sure there's a plugin somewhere, i'm just too lazy to look it up.

So besides all that how is everyone? I totally miss the big Coachella update for the year. I'm sure everyone that reads this has already seen my Flickr set for it, if not, here's a link. It was the Coachella w/ the largest entourage, for me at least. I dont think i've ever been to Coachella w/ that large of a crowd, meeting other crowds, etc. etc.

So ya, I blame Twitter and Tumblr for not allowing me to post much on the Ye'Old Blogs. Blogs are like so 2004.