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Meat is the new iPod

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So how was everyones’ non-denominational winter consumerism festivities? Hope u all had fun out there in Real Life Land. The Wang spent most of his xmas break online, lost somewhere between the dragons and magic loot drops. Where Santa Clause is a gnome sitting in a City of dwarves… The holiday week has brought very little interest in quantity of entries. So the Wang will go for the quality of one. Anyways back to the reality of interweb fun fun.

Mail Order Chicken

Naomi Watts is hawt and so good that she looks so different in this low budget film called Ellie Parker. Where she plays an actress running around LA trying to land a role.

Don’t forget to set ur clocks for the Leap Second this coming new years…

The above links has been brought to u by the letter “E" and the following 3 words: Freaky!, Boom! and Ouch!

Backyard Ballastic author starts his own blog.

The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years, The 50 best bots of all time

Thighmaster is right, this is a must-click 8-bit fun!

The Wang is not usually a fan of streaming music. But the New Download.com’s Music/Video streaming is pretty spiffy. There’s seem to be a corporate move for the Indie music scene. Also a corporate move for these big online sites with media players that is the “destination site" for all media, battle. Seems like everyone is trying to use Macromedia Adobe Flash to make some sort of uber multimedia player. Watch out, the Wang detects a trend, get rdy to buy some more Adobe/macromedia stock. Flash will be sooo integrated that u’ll have to pry out flash from IE with a rootkit!

Speaking of trends, Meat is the new iPod.

Well incase the Wang is too lazy to blog again before the 06’ rolls in, Happy new year and what not. Let’s all start big pimping, slow riding all the way to the next year. Cause the aughts are officially half over. Its all down hill from here. So be safe and Protect ya tings!

Goldenfiddle, Thighs Wide Shut, BoingBoing, Engadget, Gizmodo and DataWhat?!

I <3 Geek

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USA Today’s pop culture columnist, Whitney Matheson, gives us the top 100 ppl of 2005 list. Though it aint done yet, but the Wang figures this will keep u entertained for days to come.

Other top lists of 05’ to note is Pitchforks top lists. These include their top 50 album of the year and Artists’ Best. One thing that it has proof that this last 1.5 yr of intro to the Indie music scene, the Wang has gain some knowledge and entry into this weird underground hobby. This yr, the Wang actually know some of these albums and heard some of them before. Not like the event of obscurity that was last yrs top indie abums. Though scrounging through last yrs stuff did introduce the Wang to cool bands like Rogue Wave, whom the Wang just saw a incredible show last night @ the troubadour. Of course, the word-smith Mr. Starfizzy has a blog entry about it. Still let’s see what this yrs top albums will bring us, more obscurity or actually some decent music…

Mean while IMDB gives us this weird STARmeter thing, that ranks stars with box office performance and something they like to call “critical assessment." The Wang has no idea. But it does lead to some hawt ladies like Kiera Knightly, Jessica Alba, Scarlette Johansson, Emma Watson and this hawt picture of Rachel McAdams form like the 90s.

The funnest show u shouldn’t watc, How I met ur mother brought back Doogie Howser M.D. to the small screen. His character, Barney, is a weird ,of the wall, well dressed… actually the Wang aint really sure what he does. But Barney’s eccentric character does keep a blog. SO he said in a few episodes, here is Barney’s Blog. Here’s an example:

At that moment it dawned on me just how masterfully I had been played. This chick had obviously spotted me from afar, made note of my genetic desirability and blinding virility, and then spent several weeks hatching an elaborate machination to ensnare my zygotes. The plan? Observe my patterns and preferences in chicks, then parade her much hotter friend in front of me for a full twenty minutes before pullin' chute, practically forcing me to accept the parting gift - a psychotic dragon-witch breeder chick.

#31 The average human will eat an average of 8 spiders while sleeping ok.. wait what?!

After the Wang read Violet Blue’s Sexiest Geek of 2005, the Wang came to an odd conclusion. “Geek" is so in that geeks are the punks of the aughts. And yes more and more women are into the geek chic.

Wang Self Pimping:
GCC d+ s+: a- C+++$ U P+ L E W+++ N o K-- w++++ O M+ V !PS !PE Y+ PGP t 5+++ X- R+ tv++ b- DI !D G e++ h r y+

Well enough with the lists u have a good night out their in RL!


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Musical Bits...

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Near the end of the year, lots of cool MP3 blog sites go and post abou the years best and all sort of top albums and what not. But most of these TRUE indie sites have lists of albums that no will ever listen to normally. My Blog is Poop even gives us ideas on how to write a best of album list And trust me these Mp3 site really follows this stuff like mantra. But most of these best of list are like so last week, rather the wang will just give u a list of some cool Mp3 blogs for music. If u really want the best of lists… then scrounge in their archives or something…

Chick Rawker
I Dig Worms
KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic
LemonGalaxy Music - LiveJournal.com
Moroccan Role
My Old Kentucky Blog
Online Music Blog
Rock Insider
Said the Gramophone
Achtung Baby

Datawhat even gives his guide on online streaming/radio players

So what would white ppl rap about? Cupcakes and seeing movies like Narnia of course…

The Japanese love to hear their women scream…

Well not much to add for the day. A departure and a passing marks the opening of this week… The Wang wonders what this holiday is going to be like. Odd year this was… Many thing changed, many thing didn’t. And all and all, I think this was one of the more toned down years. We’ll see what the next few day brings. Oh ya and Kong is pretty good, go watch it.


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Panda cam

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Not sure if the Wang is getting old or jaded, but the interweb just aint as entertaining as before. Less and less articles seem to entertain the Wang. Still today’s minor bit of glory has to go to:

[drum roll]

The Wang gives u the PANDA CAM! (Notice the CAPS!)

The Wang has no idea that such brilliance was right under his nose. ZQ had this in her side bar and it is comic gold! The Wang gives u Dancing Snape.

A mock up of what the Nintendo Controller would do

This just in, Adriana Lima, still Hawt

Alright kiddie have a fun thur, and don’t play too much D&D:

Waxy Links and Goldenfiddle

i love ur show!

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So the cat totally fought back and kicked the Wang’s ass… so last week ended in a weekend of rest or binge wow-ing.

But the big news of the day is:

Yes. So the Wang was hanging out w/ co-worker in these tacky Hollywood restaurants where the Wang works and earns his crack money. Co-workers picked this Korean restaurant on La Cienaga; nothing fancy, Hollywood chic plus eclectic music that ranges from hidu hip-hop to Arabic pop. Mostly we all went for the lunch special.

So half way into the meal, this single geeky looking guy shows up and sits by the window. He orders champagin and pulls out his iPod. The Wang swears to the rest fo the co-workers that this man is famous somehow. Later sometimes around the kimchee and the soup, the Wang recall this single geeky dude, is non other than Joss Wheldon.

And following all LA none-spoken rules of engagement, the wang prevented anyone near him to go up and actually touch said celebrity. We noisily enjoyed our lunch special and left. Well, maybe there were talks and gawking, but nothing more than that. I mean its Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy! But anyways much like Mr. Starfizzy & Mr. H’s encounter with Anya Marina, us fanboi types usually hurriedly walk away avoid all eye contact, in the prevention of some sort of LA-esque celebrity faux pa.

And no that picture is not a picture of the Wang and Joss above. It is the hawtness of Fred, or Amy Acker.

Tittie Tag!

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Chowhoud compiled their best chowhound restaurant of LA list for 05. It shocks the Wang that there are that many Cantonese seafood restaurants, it must be the dim sum. Also shocking is that the Wang still haven’t been to A.O.C.

A very interesting article/roundtable, well more like a question answered by industry experts, to the big question about the future of media with the iPod Video

Fun with Archaeological anachronisms at Worth1000.

Also note, NBC has jumped on the bandwagon of iTune video d/ls.. This Engadget article does address the big issue the Wang and friends were thinking, how is Tivo getting away with their PSP & iTune conversion?

Smooth move, my Taiwanese brothers…

The New Superman Pics

Ok so I was kidding… u had fun thought right?

Are u ready for XXX? I mean X^3 teaser trailer?

The Thighmaster commented on this the best, “ualuealuealeuale."

I’m not gay, but was link hawt in this?

Answers to the picture with 50+ bands, the Wang posted awhile back.


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NSFW and Best of's

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The Wang just saw Harry Potter 4th last night and this pretty much sums it up: Order of the Stix #253. though the Wang did fancy Cho in the hawt dress and the French girl… whom seems to be very active in the French media (NSFW). The Wang came to one conclusion, that movie’s best part was the very end, when all the students were leaving, there was this nice courtyard scene about how the kids from 3 schools have bonded and made friends. Now I think what this 4th installment of the franchise has blatantly left out is the bonding of comrade in all these school yrs. For the kids. Instead, there’s all this battle of good and evil hogging the screen time. Sure this movie was the first where they finally start using like magic, instead of getting schooled in magic. But the action pack-ness of this movie seem to left out the important thing about the series. Kids, growing up. And I think Harry Potter gets waaaayyy too much attention. Lets focus some stories on Hermione! The Wang demands more stories about Hermione. Emma Watson and the Wang are close. And let's not have every cool female character get chumped all the time, waiting for harry to save em.

Speaking of NSFW stuff, here’s pirate porn.

And More NSFW: Levy’s On the Dancefloor

A cool Korean video that proves too much computer use can be bad: “Don’t work too much."

Beware of the coming holiday shopping season, it can get violent.


A whole bunch of classic movies were referenced in this Motorola commercial.

incase u didn’t know… (warning 70yr old spoiler within)

Petra Hayden, whom recently joined the Decmberists and mighty cute with a violin, covered Coldplays Yellow. It was featured on the O.C. last week for the very last scene of the show. link here

I guess its that time for best of list and stuff like that. Not a great supporter or the whole list idea, but here’s some great list with d/ls so u can jump right into the indie stuff u missed this past year:

Top 22 songs of 2005 by said the Gramophone
Largehearted Boy’s top 11 albums of 2005
Rock Insider’s Best of 2005

Speaking of “best of list" that we wont talk about, here’s a link that Wang didn’t link: whole bunch of best of lists

Or, u can learn to write ur own “best of" album blog entry.

the true view of a fashion disaster

Jump In

Ok dudes and dudettes, have a good night.


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Bad Sex is better than a good day at work.

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A "big" stray dog was nosing about the trees and barking at squirrels hiding in branches overhead when a number of them suddenly descended and attacked, reports say.

Goldenfiddle brings use the mean-er Anne Hathaway. Also in the Wang’s search, of this magazine spread the Wang learned that are a few my favorite actress in brokeback mountain… which means this movie my have warranted a DVD viewing. Plus gots to support my asian brother, Ang Lee… but I swear if there’s one pudding eating scene in the movie, the Wang is out.

Also, the Fiddler gives more of Avril love

And then there are the babies themselves. Try saying something polite to a baby, such as "How are you?" or "Did you see Lost this week? Were you surprised to find out what was in the hatch?" The baby will simply fix you with a cold, fishy stare and not reply at all.

Farcical aquatic ceremony by M. Night.

The MySpace Legion of Extraordinary Stupid Hair Super Heroes

Quick, someone lifehack me a script to drink a potion at 20% stamina while gaming!

We can all sleep peacefully now, only 3% of the Xbox 360 sold are defective… really? That’s it? Thanks for the hardware QA MS!~

Serenity Puppet theatre (Spoilers)

LAist gives the scoop on 2005 finalists for the Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction


have good weekend all, prepare ur self for the Wang next week.


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