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Sleeping Wang...

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Since i'm off this week, i'm not really blogging at home, here's what the Wang is doing during the daytime at home:


World Wide WAng Xmas Style!

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Today, the Wang wishes u all a Merry Xmas! And a load of Xmas fun.

Weed Deliver Saves Xmas

Xmas CD Indie Style

The Santa Mosh

Merry Xmas IllWill Press Style

World Wide Wang 12/23

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A funny article about a American living in China, buying the fake DVDs there. The best part are the DVD covers done with Chin-glish.

DVD case for Soderbergh's Solaris. Below the title it says "For Will You Go Fox A Secord Chonce?" And Is that the Enterprise on the left?
( via BoingBoing )

Nothing like a Dancing fat guy singing in German to say its Xmas…
( via Screenhead )

CNN slums it and writes about video games in their latest article summarizing the year in review for the gaming industry. I guess a 6.2 Billion dollar industry does make it viable for CNN Money. They do sum up this year as the year of Sex and Sequels.
( via JoyStiq )

And Roland never stops on the tech front. Today his article is about the use of GPU for the purpose of computing power. Roland comments on the increase tech growth of the GPU in the recent years, due the gaming industry. But what we don’t know is that some GPU are surpassing CPU in power and speed. Working around some GPU flaws, the new SCOUT program at Los Alamos, uses the GPU in conjunction to create new research and other general computing needs.
( via Roland )’s not-so secret DVD sale.
( via TechBargains )

100 of the oldest registered .coms
( via Grow a brain )

Help my people!
( via Tapirs Are the Pandas' Bitches )

Lindayism brings us the collective list of “could-be-porn" titles of 2004.

As mentioned yesterday, the The Definitive Sex Mix Guide by My Blog is Poop.

Roger Ebert gives us his picks for the top films of 2004. As typical his top 5 includes hott women (if u r into Hillary Swank). But that’s nothing bad I guess. He does make valid points, for movie picks.

14 yr old, blogs like the rest of us, 10-20yrs older. It seems that the younger races will always get smarter and better. There’s a Chinese saying, that the “In Yellow River, the front waves are pushed by the waves behind." So I guess it is inevitable that everything us “adults" do, will eventually be replaced by younger and smarter versions.
( via Waxy )

This is either a real live Gozu event or a case of the SNL Mountain ER guy…
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

And since the Wang doesn’t get to go back to the home-island this year, I might as well stare at this picture of the beautiful home-island and think of the good old days, when the Wang hung out…island style.

Well the Wang is going shopping. Specially on the 24th. I have this weird hobby of shopping on the day of shopping doom. Its like fun to see the crowds, fight for parking, and all sort of other holiday goodness.

World Wide Wang 12/22

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Last night Mr. Starfizzy and I decided to kick up our music club hopping habbits to the more trendy Sunset strip, home of the Hollywood hipsters. So we visited the Viper Room to see the The Like. Nice scene, trendy Sunsetters are much more geekier then I thought they be. Dressed fresh out of some sort of American Eagle Outfitter catalog, most of the men sported “Hobbit" haircuts, and the women, well the women seemed either underage like Skeet on Mischa said or Hollywood-skank. It’s a true shame though, most of the underage girls seems to be all with the band. I assume The Like, being 18, brought alone their high school friends, whom also play in a band. (Black Black, I tried to find a link, but due to their band name, it was impossible to find a website for them…) But all in all it was a nice experience to see the Viper room and the The Like. Mr. Starfizzy has a overall review of the evening, plus my 2 cent comments. Plus I got pins!

Mike Outmesguine from the Wireless Blog took a vacation in Maui Hawaii. And like all geeky dudes, he decided to wardrive the island. Here are his results. Notice how many Wireless Access Points are not encrypted, nor are they modified from their default settings.

The German’s are clearly as crazy as the Japanese, but sometimes that craziness borderlines on genius. Just as the oversized indoor Japanese Ski ramp goes down, the Germans decide to turn a Zepplin hanger into a tropical indoor beach. But this things is suppose to have tropical plants, insect/animal sound effects, and artificial beach and sand. But the most impressive thing is that it has its own weather system then can produce humidity and even light rain.
( via Near near Future )

Bring on Bollywood! If u don’t know what that is, then u’ve been left out of the biggest Asian craze ever! Here’s a page on everything Bollywood, including A LOT of mp3 to sample the fauve-funk of Bollywood. Its like Hollywood in the 60s, but Asianier.
( via Boing Boing )

UPDATE: after some sampling, some fo the Hindi music aint bad. I don’t understand what the hell they are singing, but they do know how to keep a beat. And the language weaves and bends very techno like. If u have the time, try some fo the MP3 on the page.

Mark Pesce’s Blog Rant on the BitTorrent. It’s a long article, but a good read about the history and future of BitTorrent, and on the recent shut-downs of some of the biggest .torrent tracker site.
( via Boing Boing )

This is straight out for the Pr0n-king and Mr. Starfizzy, whom will be visiting the motherland soon. A page dedicated to a Shanghi-nese rap, done about a flight attendant complaining about being a flight attendant. If u can understand it or have some knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, this is quite weird, since Shanghai-nese is a minor dialect and sounds just plain weird.
( via Screenhead )

I remember some of my friends mentioning that this is one of the best board games ever. Well, Settlers of Catan is now online. Unfortunately, its part of MSN games, which means they will probably keep the rights to ur strategical moves.
( via JoyStiq )

Guy builds Giant Robot in backyard…
( via CNet )

This is kinda cool, a SD card that has an USB2 interface.
( via Gizmodo )

The Koreans Joins the Great Robot War!

Roland brings us another techno news that makes the movie 2001 look like steam punk. NASA apparently has been working on Synthetic Vision for pilots. Here’s Rolands articles and links.

Q&A with Parker Posey, on Blade 3:

I pitched Keanu Reeves on an idea—that he and I should play [seventies-era mime super-couple] Shields and Yarnell in a silent action-adventure movie. We’d solve mysteries, and there’d be invisible objects for us to battle.

( via Golden Fiddle )

The much better list of this year’s top blogs, not those crappy main stream news agency mockups…

Mishca Who?
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

Current musical recommendation: M83 ( Damn cool website too. )
The one line reason: This is music to explore the female contour with.

Thankyou Fiddler!

World Wide Wang 12/21

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The New Sin City Trailer
( The Movie Box via Inscrutible )

A man named Juergen Specht decided to go to Japan a few years back, and decided to visit a Ripping Performance, where a Japanese school girl is tied up, and a transvestite looking dude in blonde wig rips clothing off of her. How this effect us? Well Juergen was nice ienough to put a gallery of photos up so we can also see this Japanese freakish-ness. ( NOTE: No school girls were harmed, atleast that’s what they say… ) NSFW starting about the 2nd page, and sopme of the first page, but just don’t click on them all.

PS. Jeurgen also visit a lot of stuff in Japan and photographs them, so If u r bored, have a venture around his site.
( via Fleshbot )

Indian Cellphone Footage of a sexual act of a 17 yrs girl stirs up drama the likes of Vishnu has not seen. Leading from sales of it on their EBay equivalent, to Internet Privacy Acts, and other controversy over underage porn.
( via BoingBoing )

An entire gallery of kids, freaked out by Santa. I’m quite sure some of u enjoy this stuff, u Kid-haters! But some of these Santas look like they are drunk or... just freaky.
( via BoingBoing )

Isreal (Bible-vania) just unloaded the motherload on Spidersilk Armor! Their Scientist has just developed a spider silk by making a spider virus and infecting other insects with it. Freaky stuff But I guess they r the chosen.
( via BoingBoing )

I think the Koreans are compensating for something with this 102" Plasma.

ATOM Films present us with the years top 10 short films. Including the ever famous “Jibb Jabb" and “Rock Fish". I do however really recommend “Drum Machine" ( by Tokyo Plastic) “Grey" ( interesting look about the afterlife ) and “Still Life" (awesome stills love story, plus the girl is Hott…)
( via Screenhead )

EA continues its plans for WORLD DOMINATION!! ( note the extra exclamation )
( via Joystiq )

Roland brings us the motherload of recent tech news on Robotics. But he doesn’t seem to mention the Evil Chinese FishBots, that will be used to take over small islands…
( via Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends )

Try the Halo Quiz to see which Halo character u r. The Wang ended up to be a “Flood".
( via talon8 )

Incase u missed it, here’s SNL’s Blue State Xmas Animation.
( via Norm )

Not quite sure what Monty Python’s Spamalot is. But it involves a lot of people and I think its some sort of stage play.
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

For those of u who r fond of knowing things like the Dirty Sanchez Here's a girl close to ur heart.

I don’t know who is is, All I read is “Luba" But ya, I figure this is eyecandy.

World Wide Wang 12/20

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The ESA, European Space Agency launched the Envisat in 2002 as one of the largest Earth Observing Satellites. Part of its usage is the Medspiration Project which is studying the temperature of Oceans Surfaces. Roland brings us this article about the the Temperature of the Mediterranean. Follwoed the links for some cool temeprture of the Ocean pictures and info. At least some space agency is doing something.
(via Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends )

Roland does us good by summarizing this article from MIS Australia about the future of technology. The article tells us that electronics will reach a point will advances will be nearly impossible. Rather in 15-20 years, the convergence of Nanotech, wireless and sensors will be the fore front of some sort of molecular-level of technology.

The embedded world of the future will harness the power of billions of microprocessors on a single device, wirelessly connected to others, that can read the environment and react accordingly. Scientists portray a future in which we attach these devices to our bodies to communicate, set them loose on our streets to do menial tasks, and embed them in the commonplace objects of our lives to address our daily requirements.

Here’s the link to Roland’s Tech trends: Link

Billons of voices screams as The EAmpire takes UBisoft.
( via Joystiq )

Here is the whole scoop on the Sony/NVidia union for the PS3 ( IT is in Japanese though…)

On the subject of videogames and the end of the year thing, here’s the Gamespot Best OF and the IGN Best OF 2004 pages. Some of the awards are still being revealed as the days countdown to the end of the year. Gamespot does have a nice “year in Review" thing going. So as a fan of this years video game market, it’s a good read. I mean the road of video gaming fun seems quite packed. Q4 of 2004 was definitely an insane time, with good games coming out every week, the Wang’s gaming roommate had to decide between games to buy by creating mock fights with monkies and knives. Ok maybe I’m kidding about the knives…
( via Joystiq )

Yes! I knew playing video games is good for u! Doctors use videogames to hone skills. Even Wired says so.
( via Near Near Futrue )

If my friend Will was to review Gollum, this is what he might say…
( via BoingBoing )

NASA will smack a comet with an 820 pound object to shatter it for studying. I think they just want to blow something up on the 4th to make us Americans look good.
( via Wired )

How to make Oragami of EVERYTHING JAPANESE!

The Gozillaz are back!

Guy gets nervous on TV and throws up, atleast I think that’s what happened, Judges?

Watch as a Donkey owns a bobcat!

Short day as the Wang needs to rush off for a dinner event! cya'll tomorrow!

World Wide Wang 12/17

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Appleseed in CG/anime blend like Wonderful Days. GO check out the trailer here
( via Porn King )

Screenhead finally discovered Levitated. A cool Flash gallery of what can happen when programming becomes art. This is always the type of art that I find most interesting. Created by randomness based on some sort of algorithm. Yet the art is the actually result of it, and the experience is different for everyone viewing it.
( via Screenhead )

Incase some of u haven’t seen this yet, or haven’t seen the part two, this is English Home, a Japanese language tutorial in Flash. Remember Harakiri! Hara-kiri!

Letters to Chrisopher Walkens

( via Screenhead )

In the tradition of Xmas, we present, "It’s a Wonderful Life" in 30 sec., by Bunnies.
( via Xmas WebZen which I recommend SantaMosh, Xmas Weebl, Lickin-Bow, for kid bolwing )

A statistical breakdown of web browsers use to view shows that Firefox is gaining a commanding stat for web browser usage. The New browser based on the “gecko" engine, from Mozilla which also powers Netscape and Camino type browser, made a splashing debute last month. Even in Beta, its hype was well earned. Yesterday, Mozilla even did an NYT ad for FireFox, from the money collected by Speard FireFox. It is documented that FireFox has been downloaded over 11 million times. Maybe its time to move over IE.

Yes! Chow Yun Fat might be in the next two Pirates of the Carribean movie, playing a Chinese pirate! Can u say Arrrg! In Chinese!
( via BoingBoing )

Disney drapes homeless folks with advertisements for The Incerdibles. I’m not sure this is a good thing. It almost makes the The Incerdibles look bad.
( via Defamer )

An interesting article linked from Terra Nova, talking about, once again the Economy. This time the writer specifically addresses World of Warcraft. Again, it’s another discussion of money resources vs. money sink. The writer being a Ex-day trader, shares his thoughts on the economy of WoW.
( via Terra Nova )

Full Auto Rubber band Gun.
( via Gizmodo )

New Liquid lenses will be use to give x3 zoom on camera phones.
( via Gizmodo )

Japanese companies are in the total war as each is perfecting it own Robot of doom. In answer to Honda’s weapon of mass dancetruction, the recently upgraded ASIMO, Sony answer back with their own little bundle of death, the QRIO. Notice as this link shows the QRIO training for Social combat in golf and ballroom dancing. Let the world of the Robots Begin!
( via Engadget )

Nintendo fearing the PSP dominance over portable market, is releasing the new Multimedia add-on to Nintendo DS and GBA.
( Gamespot via Joystiq )

The Taipei 101 ( world’s tallest habitable building ) Now has the Worlds Fastest Elevator. Going to speeds of 60.6 kph. It even has preassure adjusting systems so ur ears don’t pop on the ride up/down. Now all we need is Keanu Reave, to star in Speed 3, Taipei 101.
( via Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends )

Japanese Girls are Cute and make funny faces into cameras Speaking of which… what is this Polaroid Scene thing? I’ve seen many many party photos from this site? Is it some sort of Hipster Flickr?

Pickup the funny dialog Fugly added to this Harry Potter photo:

Emma Watson: Hasn't anyone noticed that I look like I am going to cry? Hasn't anyone noticed that I've been forced to wear my father's pants, turned into knickers? With trainers? Hello? Anyone? Won't anyone comfort me?

Daniel Radcliffe: I just realized that I am wearing an overly large polo shirt buttoned up to the neck. I feel very, very uncomfortable all of a sudden.

Rupert Grint: Also, Dan? You kind of need a hair cut.

And for those of u following Webcomics, here is the Best Webcomics of 2004. I’m not too sure about the source Webcomicsreview, but it is a nice place to sample some of the variety of comics out there. Speaking of which, here’s a shameless plug to a friend’s webcomic, Ouf of Game, which for unknown reasons has been down for awhile, but start from the beginning and re-enjoy the fun!

AllofMP3 doubles its rate to $0.02 a Mb! Still cheaper then the stores.

I want to launch a TV add to find a girlfriend before Xmas too!
( via Goldenfiddle )

This needs to end in a mud and kissing.
( via Goldenfiddle )

Didi u know, people use to stink?

IN honor of Metal Gear Solid 3, we give u, the Alligator girls:

(click for larger picture, via Geek on Stun )

Have a good weekend all, don’t forget to take ur vitamins.

World Wide Wang 12/16

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Last night's Jem concert was quite fun. Though the Wang would still perfer more of his friends coming out to musical events. The crowd was surprisingly filled with a very large age range. Teenagers to granadparent levels strouted their stuff to the mixing and scratching of DJ Cut Chemist, whome Mr. Starfizzy informs me, is quite famous, and plays for Jurassic 5.

Jem her self was a nice little eye candy, a little sporty top and lots of ab hotness. As for the music. I think Jem sounds better on CD. she doesnt seem to have the energy for singin live, nor do most of her songs work well in a live venue. The guitarist sounded quite skilled, and all-in-all the band was playful, under their self brought Welsh flag. But my favorite number is when Jem did "Flying High" accoustically, which is the normal version of the song.

And the El-ray is cool little place that reminds me of some sort of 80s dance hall, and they server drinks.

The contrivesial topic of stem cell hits a nasty side with this story. A Chinese doctor injects stem cell into patients to cure spinal and nervous system injuries in china. Where very little laws prevent anything like this. But the story mentions the number of American, European that would visit China at economical and ethical cost.

Among them is Van Golden, a Christian, anti-abortion Texan who has sold his house so that he can travel to communist, atheist China and have Huang inject a million cells from the nasal area of a foetus into his spine. According to Golden's doctors, his spine was damaged beyond repair in a car crash last Christmas. The damage to his nervous system was so bad that he has been in a wheelchair and racked by spasms ever since. But Golden refused to give up, even if it meant having to compromise his values. "This is the only place that offered us any hope," he says. "Everyone else offered only to help make me sufficient in that chair. But the chair is not my destiny. It is not ordained."

( via Zibacco )

Here are some eye candy for u. This is from artist Jon Foster website. I don’t really know him that well, but I have seen some of his art in game books such as Star Wars D20.

Self replicating robotic genes? I bet the SkyNet people thought they had a safety protocol also…
( via Near Near Future )

A while back, on my forum we had a discussion about if which game to buy KotOR II or Battle for Middle Earth. The discussion lead from game piracy to the Hollywood-ness of the Video game industry. And a Noble_zone asked if there’s an independent genre of video games. I pointed out some sites, and one of which is now having their final competition for the 2005 Indie Game Festival.

CNet, leader in tech news friend, slums it, and bring forth an article on “Griefers" in MMO games Some good and interesting stuff, and quoting some of the Wang past obsessions, Star War Galaxies. And some of the Wang’s friend’s current obsessions, City of Heroes.
( via Kotaku )

Search engines are all tackling new ideas and concepts. Just like the new Google Suggest, Yahoo kicks off its own beta testing for a new such engine scheme. This time, Yahoo brings us a Video Search Engine. Honestly nothing good will come form this. I think the Porn King will book mark this thing, making it the 2nd most useful tool for finding nakkid chicks on line right after Bit Torrent. Fleshbot even helps u with some word guides…
( via BoingBoing )

I thought I listen to some obscure music, but have u ever heard of glitch hop, Krautrock, and global pop to afro-beat, folktronica, and vintage psychedelia? Well neither have I… Well, check out Othermusic’s website and get introduce to genres that no one has heard of… cept the people who made them.
( via BoingBoing )

ANg BAK!! “Feets of Flaming Justice"
( via A Girl & a Gun )

Be warned, if anything bad happens, Bush will shut down the GPS system! Bush reminds us today that yes, the US government owns the GPS satellites. Way to get the consumer hooked to a system, let it become and every day necessity, and then take it away, it sounds like marketing…
( via BoingBoing )

Awhile back, the Wang posted a link to the Current internet trend of the “Mystery Booty". Now the internet geeks are putting their will-earned search skills to finding the owner of this fine assz. And the drama unfolds on Fleshbot But no true, legit owner has come forward to claim this booty.

With the Extended Lord of the Ring: Return of the King DVD out, the trilogy is over. One day, Peter Jackson might come back to do the hobbit, maybe… But in the mean time, let’s entertain our selves with other great fantasy realms. Earthseacame and went with some comments by Ursula K. Le Guin. But here is a preview to Narnia, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. with WETA.
( via golden Fiddle )

Does this really need words?
( via Grow a Brain )

World Wide Wang 12/15

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The Wang took a day off yesterday to watch the glory that is “return of the King Extended". Overall a good improvement to a movie that didn’t need much more, but the additions are welcomed. Some cool scenes to drive the characters and defines them a little better. But mostly the Wang was angered at the cheesy-tactic “wooing" of Eowyn. She really deserver much more then Boromir-lite’s lame-ass Spring speech.

The Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair brings us another amazing entry in 2nd place:
2nd Place: "Women Were Designed For Homemaking"
Jonathan Goode (grade 7) applied findings from many fields of science to support his conclusion that God designed women for homemaking: physics shows that women have a lower center of gravity than men, making them more suited to carrying groceries and laundry baskets; biology shows that women were designed to carry un-born babies in their wombs and to feed born babies milk, making them the natural choice for child rearing; social sciences show that the wages for women workers are lower than for normal workers, meaning that they are unable to work as well and thus earn equal pay; and exegetics shows that God created Eve as a companion for Adam, not as a co-worker.

With other great entries like: "Life Doesn't Come From Non-Life", "Rocks Can't Evolve, Where Did They Come From Mr. Darwin?", and "Using Prayer To Microevolve Latent Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria"

Its really nice that kids are educated these days…
( via Zibacco )

Penguins 0 vs Iceberg 1
( via Zibacco )

Small small harddrives that you can drop will be filling our cellphones. Things are just getting smaller and smaller. This new tech will allow future cellphones to have gigs of harddrive storage.

ASIMO, goes to the next generation. Honda upgrades its robot of destruction, and aims to make it stronger and faster. Soon it will operate for more then 5 minutes unplugged and be able to weild a small but deadly vibrating knife. Maybe one day it can battle the Chinese’s Robotic fish.

Its official, I will be going to Porn King’s house later tonight, and give him a fellow Cell phone brother a hug. As my Sprint merged with his Nextel to become what Gizmodo calls “Sextel".
( via Gizmodo )

The Japanese invited a flexible scanner for those old books with the really tight bindings. Or maybe they are going to use on those pornographic magazine of women with really tight clothing.
( via Gizmodo )

ITS REALLY SMALL! As the Asians bring out yet another small thing. This time it holds 64mb.

A long but cool article about the cool networking tricks use to Power Halo 2 in Xbox live:

So moving to 'Halo 2'... rather than sending your actions from machine to machine, what we have to do is we still have a client and server, but rather than the client waiting for the server to tell it exactly what should happen with a turn, the client is predicting the entire world. It is simulating the world exactly as it thinks things should happen, so that will be perfectly in sync with the server. The things the client doesn't know about are other sources of input, like the other players in the game.

( via Joystiq )

Warning, do not have beer bong with electric pump hooked up to ur mouth, result can be hazardous. Of course, this only happens in Australia.
( via BoingBoing )

I haven’t been playing KotOR II, but I think Wired just served ya!

Let me remind u all, Avril is very angry… But don’t let that stop her from getting her freak on…
( via Golden Fiddle )

If u ever feel the need to burn something up with a magnifying glass, here’s the game for u.
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

And for ur exercising pleasures, Japanese star, Mariko Takahash ( I have no idea who she is either ) aerobicsizes with poodles… Huh u ask? I asked the same thing.

As the fiddler says: “One of the main differences between models and regular people is that when models make stupid funny faces for the camera, they’re still models."
( via Golden Fiddle )

Well have a good day u all, the Wang will be going to a Jem Concert and partying with hipsters!

World Wide Wang 12/13

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So another week, of video game madness as the Wang miss more sleep. But that’s what the weekdays are for, to catch up on sleep before work… But that wont stop me from my daily blogging.

Another note, the blog here will be soon moved to its official site at… soon.

So today we start from the sky, as good friend astronomy hobbist Zibacco points us to this link about the Geminid meteor shower tonight.

Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. -Gandolf, Fellowship of the Ring

I quote that because Scott Peterson got his sentence. Not sure I can judge that, I obviously wasn’t there listen to the evidences. Still, 12 people decided.

You know when it is bad when u look at the spasm in ur email, and beside the usually loan offers and penis enlargements, I get bible sales. Bible sales? BIBLE SALES!? What the hell? When did I get on a spam list for bible sales? And how did it end up to this point where, bible sales are spammed on email?! It’s dark dark times…
( link curtsey by Noble_zone )

Mr. Starfizzy introduce me to some tracks of Dresden Dolls. Which is some weird stuff. Their website calls them self Brechtian Punk Cabaret. Truly a video viewing of some of their works speaks much. I recommend their Video Page

Apparently there’s other Wangs out there… And a brother Wang has wrote a funny and informational book on all things file sharing, Steal This File-Sharing Book
( via BoingBoing )

BoingBoing writer, Xeni Jordan ( also write a bunch for Wired ) writes of the new Blog tracking tool LinkRank from PubSub. This tool supposedly will track the popularity of a Blog depending on how many other sites link to it. A method similar to the Google searching theory.
( via BoingBoing )

The BSOD T-Shirts
also shirts for MACs and other systems.
( via BoingBoing ) posts an article about the Marvel/CoH lawsuit:

Yes, you read that right -- Marvel's claim is based on the idea that private individuals who pretend to be Wolverine for fun in a video game are breaking the law. Since when is it illegal to pretend to be your favorite superhero? Should parents be policing their kids, lest they be caught "pretending without a license"? Were all those drawings of the X-Men on grammar school notebooks evidence of infringement? And what about all those homemade superhero Halloween costumes?

Of course, Marvel may well be wrong about the law. From a trademark point of view, it is difficult to see how these kinds of noncommercial activities could satisfy the "use in commerce" threshold imposed by federal trademark law. Copyright lawyers will reason that these activities, even if technically infringing, are almost certainly sheltered by defenses like fair use or de minimis non curat lex. Marvel, for its part, will doubtless say that its legal beef is with the operators of "City of Heroes," not the players (pay no attention to that pesky complaint, that's just legal mumbo jumbo).
( via BoingBoing )

A women gets a 66 pound tumor removed… and according to the article, that’s not the largest one in history…

( rusty76 via March_hare )

Chinese have jumped into the arms market by marking the RoboFish. Don’t believe them when they say that the RoboFish will be use for scientific research. Trust me, speaking as a Chinese, the RoboFIsh is ONE MEAN KILLING MACHINE! And it will rule naval combat like the carriers of WWII.
( via Gizmodo )

The Weblog 2004 awards have come to a close. For those who care or just want to find a list of the voted blogs, here’s a link.

3 links for the New batman trailer: link 1, link 2, & link 3. ( incase one don’t work…)
( via Golden Fiddle )

Japanese video games shopping stores ownz EBgames for breakfast.
(via Waxy Links )

Even in the digital world, there are bullies and geeks. Even in the world of blogging, there are those who are known, and those who are just fringing the glory. I for one started this blogging hobby not a few month back, keeping it small with in my circle of friends. I agree with most of my friends that online is cool, but I still rather hang out with people I know. And even online, I hang out with those I know in RL. So even the blog sphere can have “A-lists". Sites like blogsphere and do keep track of such datas. And certain websites and blogger r famous with in the sphere. I do admit there are some sites u see on the links list of everyone elses’s sidebar. And that could either be a sign of prestige or some sort of gloating tool. But the Wang ask for no fame or glory, just simple pastime. Here is a Newsweek article that talks of this social blog divide. I would say that blogging is sometimes a popularity contest. But The Wang will visit ur blog, if u entertain me. Not because ur famous, or popular. But don’t try to hard… cause then that just becomes begging.
(via Waxy Links )

Meet the Real Steve Zissou
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

The official Golden Globe Award nominee list for 2004 are…

Um a baby born without a face.
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

And in honor of the PSP release in Japan, here’s some PSP vs. DS humor:

( via Kotaku )

World Wide Wang 12/10

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I don’t use the public transportation much in LAn I mean I like my car, and I’m going to drive it all across this freeway-filled city. But MTA has done well; even the LAist is praising them in his recent post. The LAist mentions the good side of the MTA, like their use of alternative fuel based buses and the plans for extending the Gold line to Montclair and having a light rail to Sant Monica eventually. This and the addition of subway/light rail line along the 405 would almost make LA a decent mass transit city.
( via LAist )

Not sure if this interesting or not, but it kinda sounds cool. Roma Victor is a new MMORPG on the horizon for, yes Rome.
( via Terra Nova )

The whole Hanukkah thing explained…

This question finds its answer in the Old Testament. If you do not have a copy handy, you can also consult Stan Lee’s book, How To Draw Comics the Old Testament Way. The Maccabees, who were later known as The Anheuser-Busch Maccabees, were everyone’s favorite tribe and were charged with protecting the temple. According to the Old Testament, they fucked up. The temple was destroyed by trolls, and the Maccabees were left in the rubble. One of the Maccabees had the idea that they should re-build the temple before God showed up, or they would all get in huge trouble. It was decided that the work required to erect a temple—even a lousy one—was nothing compared to the guilt they would feel when they saw God’s disappointed face, so they got to work.

There was only enough lamp oil to light them for a single day, but by some miracle that oil lasted a full eight days. That still wasn’t enough time to build a whole temple and God smote the Maccabees upon his return, but you have to admit that eight days is still nothing to sneeze at. Some say the nine candleholders represent each of the eight days the lamp oil stayed lit, and the ninth candle represents the day God killed all the Maccabees and arranged their slaughtered bodies to spell out the words “HAPPY HANUKKAH (OR CHANUKKAH – WHATEVER YOU LIKE)."
( via Screenhead )

After the Health Department made the Joe Camel the spokescamel for Cancer, his new gig is selling syrup to middle eastern kids.
( via Screenhead )

U know I always wondered if I can survived in the wilderness. I think I’ll die without my three gadgets. But I think the ineternet is an awesome guide, I mean where else would I get valuable info like How to kill a polar bear without a rifle. Checkout the Everything 2 site, its quite cool.
( Everything2 via Screenhead )

For those of u that haven’t seen Closer u should go watch it. This movie is full of good ~Natalie Portman plays a stripper~ action acting. Great performances by Julia Robert, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman (~who plays a stripper~), and Jude Law. The movie even starts with a cool song from Damien Rice called “The Blower’s Daughter". That features Natalie walking down the street in slow motion. Overall it’s a vicious vicious movie that is dubbed by Mr. Starfizzy as “Beautiful interchangeable adults hurting each other".
( mostly safe for work…)

War of the World trailer… which shows NOTHING.
( via Defamer )

Want to build a radio with pennies?

( via Grow a Brain )

The Japanese are cool people. Back in 2001 they built a architecture monstrosity called the SSAWS, (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Snow) 500 meter snow covered indoor slope, for people to ski year round. Of course, it didn’t bank, thus they tore it down in 2003. Here is a documentation of the deconstruction of it Lots of cool photos.
( via BoingBoing )

Co-worker sent this to me, A gallery of a fine ass. The Co-worker adds, “rub it slow…"

UPDATE: Just found the same ass on another more organized 4 page spread. Or u can just go for the original one-shot link.

That link make me want to take about bones. Just like carbon fiber nanotube use to replace bones in the future.
( via BoingBoing )

Webzen bring us literary zen. My faves are the “Maxim classic translation" and “worst sentences"
( via BoingBoing )

Roland goes under the skin of the future of Body Area Network. I bet that acronymn will be use for many fun Half-Life 18 gathering in 2020. Imagine email headlines reading “BAN Party at my house…" If we still use emails at all.
( via Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trends )

Sex Drive address the big big issue of a modern romance, Wooing women via messaging. and how it has effect relationships.
( via Wired )

Another wired article goes for the recent released Nintendo DS and talks of the benefits and hazards of the new portable Wi-Fi gaming.
( via Wired )

The Frustrated Electronic Arts Employee tees
( via Joystiq )

So u r telling me that a Gameboy can be use to “distract" u from pain? Damn more video games during headaches!
( via Joystiq )

Check out the new Google Suggest

I call this assurance.

$1 bill money art.
( via Waxy Links )

“You made a promise… a promise Peter!"
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

We end with Zassou:

( via Thighs Wide Shut )

Have a good weekend everyone.

World Wide Wang 12/9

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Zibacco comes out swing today with a few good blog links. Mostly about how the Bush administration is pushing religion and being anti-gay.
1. Bush wants the 10 Commandments in court rooms.
2. Pro-Gay Book banning by the Bush Administration.
Lots of other interesting links form the Z, check out his blog.
( via Zibacco )

The Canadians seem to be more open minded about these things.

Since a lot of my Canadian friends all come from UBC, here’s little ski demo made by their CS department. (warning JavaScript heavy)
( via Gadling )

The U.S. Marine a new 168hp Diseal-Hybrid Attack vehicle. This thing looks like it came out of 1980s GI Joe toy box. But the Shadow RST-V is suppose to have some sort of hub-mounted magnet motors in the wheel. Can we say Halo 2 style speed burst?
( via Gizmodo )

Samsung to erect something big in Dubai.
( via Gizmodo )

Maybe because I’m not from this country originally, but do we all know about Mike the Headless Chicken? Apparently they are celebrating him in his home town of Fruita, Colorado. Supposedly a chicken with most of his head chopped of, lived for 18 month in 1940s.

Battle rages on between HD DVD and Blu-ray. Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and New Line Cinema goes to HD DVD as Sony swoops up Disney for Blu-ray.
( via Engadget )

Watch out! Using ur laptop on ur lap may lead to infertility!
( via Engadget )

Thanks my brother from another mother, here’s the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Trailer

Hamelt for Skin Head. This need to be done by the original cast of Trainspotting.
( via Screenhead )

Usually the Wang is above petty gossip articles or stuff about actress’s dress falling off in front of a horde of camera people. But when it comes to Mischa “Screamer" Barton, the Wang has a weak spot. Specially its news about the upcoming lesbian plot on The O.C. that might or might-not involve Barton.
( TVGasm via Defamer

An Illustrated guide to the History of Safe Cracking. Quite interesting if u can drudge through it all.
( via BoingBoing )

( via Godlen Fiddle )

Check out this online JavaScript page that replays the LAX flight info.
( via BoingBoing )

Team America’s deleted sex scene in all its 1990s 160x120 pixel glory.
( Milk and Cookies via Fleshbot )

The China-nese blogging waves spunned some negative responses to the Chinese word use for bloggers, Bo-Ge. (which sounds more like “Boa-K’er) A Chinese blogger links some interesting articles and comments about how Chinese Bloggers would rather just be called bloggers rather then some fancy Chinese word.

Oh Damn! Sony! U just been served!
( via Joystiq )

Be ready for the 64-bit revolution. Joystiq predicts that with Intel jumping on the bandwagon, soon, month, we’ll be looking at the era of 64-bit chips.

I was just talking to Mr. Starfizzy the other day and the topic of RSS came up. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is how the Wang reads and goes through all the reading I have to do to bring u the great information compiled here. Wired, mother of info tech posts this article on the search for a way to make money out of RSS. As most bloggers/news readers these days look for ways to centralize information, RSS seems to be the tools for it. Boingboing even mentions a link to FeedSpeaker. A program that will read the RSS feed in that well known Hawking computer voice.

This will only interest a minor few friends of mine, The complete script of "Sex,lies,and videotape", by Steven Soderbergh, fourth draft, 29 July ‘88
( via Grow a Brain )

Collin Farrell is Da Man!
( via Godlen Fiddle )

Just as the fiddler says, seconds of fun!
( via Godlen Fiddle )

Wired gets deep into the Flickr craze.

Dutch Actress posts a X-ray picture of her breast, and now in legal trouble. I would say there’s lots of breasts on the internet, why is this bad? Apparently u cannot use x-rays for non-medical reasons. And the article fears that women will use mammograms to prove that their breasts are real.
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

And here’s our picture of the day, Celebrity Nativity Scene: (note the Kylie Angel…)

( via Gawker)

Three things I can't live without

| |

So CNet did this article under their Digital Living Section called "Three Things I Can't Live Without". Its an article on average people and the tech gadgets/gears that they, well , can't live without.

So I decided that I might not get a submission in, nor do I want to, I figure I’ll just do it on my own blog. I mean that’s the point of a personal web space right?

So here are my choices for the Top 3 tech gadgets that are essential to my life, in no particular order:

Treo 600

So this is what I called the GOD-emperor phone. In early 2000 I tried a Handspring phone attachment for my Handspring, and it sucked. It crashed, it crashed my handspring, and it had a terrible interface. Then Palm and Handspring got together and made the Treo line. The Treo 90 and Treo 300 got some nice reviews but they were only the road that paved its way for the Awesomeness that is the Treo 600.

I agree, the Pocket PC has more software and more multimedia features, but the Palm OS keeps coming back. With each newer Palm OS more multimedia features are added, the Palm OS definelty uses slower processors thus less battery drain. But enough about the Palm OS/Pocket PC debate, the Treo has everything. A camera, speakers, SD card slot. I can use my treo for everything, MP3, taking pictures, checking email, checking blogs via RSS feeds, posting on Blogs, get online, and with the right software, I can remote access my PCs. This phone does it all, and now, Palmone just introduce the Treo 650, with Bluetooth and external battery. Though there seems to be some memeory management issues with the new 650.

ReplayTV 4040

Yes, I know most people know PVR as TiVo. But I am always a fan of the underdog. Plus during the glory-days of ReaplyTV, ReplayTV had more features, its ability to share shows with other replayTVs online was one of the greatest features. I think TiVo has a better menu and a better theme recording feature. But my ReaplyTV has been good to me, and it will always be in my heart until the day it has a hard drive failure… plus the ability to hack in a bigger hard drive is tres cool. Though I find my self using the verb “TiVOed" since “ReplayTVed" just seem longer and doesn’t roll of the tongue as well.

iPod 15Gb

What more do one need to say about the iPod? Hard Drive based Mp3 players are the way to go. Storing thousands of songs is the way to go. I mean having half of you MP3 collection on one device. I my self asked why would u need that? U can just upload the songs u want to listen to. But then when u have a experience of meeting someone, and u can spend hours talking about all the music u have and giving a 2 hr. sample of the different types of music u have on ur iPod, its just cool. The trick with the iPod is management. U have to setup ur playlists, ur smart playlists, ur Genre and ur groups. Once u have all those down, the iPod is an entertainment machine that one cannot live without. And Apple just release their new iPod Photos. Good stuff but for $100 more then the non colored/photo version.

World Wide Wang 12/8

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World on Fire is Sarah Mclachlan's new video. Its made for $15 while they took the $150,000 they got and did other things with it. The video explains it all.
( via The Tao of Zen Nihilism

left-handed people are better at hand-to-hand combat. Maybe this have something to do with the shield? GURP always seem to make shield facing an important issue.
( via Zibacco

"I have a confession to make. I made the movie Titanic because I thought I could talk the studio into letting me dive and film the real ship, 12,500 feet down in the North Atlantic. I was an avid wreck diver, and it was the ultimate shipwreck. Making the movie itself was actually secondary in my mind."

James Cameron says in the Recent article on Wired. Plus Wired just has whole section of articles on the exploration of Space and the ocean.

Speaking of exploration, ever want to learn to take pictures of the ocean? Gizmodo links us to this article that teaches u the basics.
( via Gizmodo )

Battle for the next DVD format rages on, just as Blu-ray almost seals the deal, HD DVD gains some major studio backing. And now, HD DVD makes an HD DVD and DVD hybrid disc.
( via Gizmodo )

Its official! The Chinese now own IBM’s PC line. I wonder how those trade-laws for supercomputers apply for situations like this…
( via EnGadget )

Now that they make our PCs, The Porn King’s people bans another video game. This time its because the game treats Taiwan, HK, and Macau as free territories.
( via Kotaku )

EnGadget drops the techno power houses behind the New PS3, which is set for release in 2006.Beside the cell processors and the wi-fi, EnGadget adds the official announcement of the Nvidia graphic support. Joystiq isn’t far behind on the PS3 news either.

Remember those people who sued McDonalds for causing obesity? Well now Swedish kids between the ages of 11-16 are blaming video games for obesity. Soon, we can blame our extra pounds on the El Nino.
( via Kotaku )

All I want for xmas is:

Some pictures of Peter Jackson’s King Kong
( via Golden Fiddle )

Since the Wang has to catch a late movie, i'm heading out and leaving todays post slightly short. But as usual, we end the day with a picture. Today we learn that Donald Duck, is well not gay…

World Wide Wang 12/7

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Accoring to my good friends blog, Mr. Taters of Crimson Cave:


1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

This is what I got from an Algebra book:

“Where’s the four in that?"

Watch the Legend of Earthsea on Sci-fi. Dec. 13 6pm PST, then every 2 hrs there’s a cable TV repeat.

US ranks 28th out of 40 country surveyed for 15 year old’s math skills. The Czech ranking in the top 10, spends 1/3 of the education budget of US.
( via Slashdot )

So um u hang out here much?
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

Help Uncle Michael bag children escaping Neverland Ranch in Escape From Neverland the Flash Game. Or if you are not the FPS type, here’s another more Survival Horror genre game: Escape From Neverland: El Jacko’s Dark Secret. One wrong turn, and Michael will get you!
( via Screehead )

Check out this Japanese artisit, Aya Kato’s new collection: Cheval Noir. As BoingBoing says, the style is a dark fusion of Manga and Art Nouveau.
(via BoingBoing )

If u r bored tonight, Dec. 7th and have absolutely nothing to do, go check out the 3rd Annual Celebrity Dodge ball Tournament. Just check out this A-list of players! How can u not go? Unless u r going to catch the Arcade Fire in Spaceland…
( via Defamer but the Arcade fire thing is ALL ME! Oh nevermind, Defamer did mention Arcade Fire… damn everyone knows about Arcade Fire.)

Even Christian Kids need super heroes! Bibleman!
(via BoingBoing )

A video close to all our hearts, How to Survive a Zombie Epidemic. This video was created as a challenge posed by It takes clips from both "Night of the living Dead", and "Amid the Dead".

Welcome RoboEel, the newest monster in the creation by mad scientists. Mad Genisus at Johns Hopkins University reconstructed the Neural Structures of an Eel, hoping that such techniques can one day repair spinal injuries.
(via BoingBoing )

This clip is from some sort of Fox News show and CNN Crossfire. I don’t watch TV news for the very reason on the ignorance showed here. A lot of the Right-wing reporters are basically saying, that Canada is our pet country… And Crossfire even goes out to addressing a Canadian Senator type, Carylin Paris. And The Bowtie guy from Crossfire address her and calls all Canadian, dog-sliders.
( via The Tao of Zen Nihilism

UPDATE: She's a member of parliament, not a senator. Thebitterguy corrected me, so i dont look like a total dumb American.

UPDATE 2: She is Caroly Parrish.

A Holland Civil Engineer discuss with Wired the way to solve traffic problems without signs, direction markers, or even traffic lights. He solved this simply by letting people driving wild.
( via Wired )

The rumors have been going around for awhile, seems like a pretty good time to mention it. Apple is thinking of entering the Flash MP3 player market with a Flash iPod.
(via Gizmodo )

Craig Ferguson will host the Late Late Show on CBS.
( via Golden Fiddle )

Thighmaster loves Hanukah! See he’s asking us to buy these two T-shirts
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

The longest word in the English language is
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

I have to agree with the Thighmaster, she IS hott:

( via Thighs Wide Shut )

The Wang will go home and enter the magical World of Warcraft tonight...

World Wide Wang 12/6

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How was everyone’s weekend? The Wang spent the weekend in Vegas, one of the few places were the Wang can walk in public, just hanging with friends. Good food, good friends, good times…

So let’s start the day with sci-fi-geekdom-to-reality-shock. So welcome Gibson-esque Neural Net work computers that learn…
( via Zibacco )

This comic strip proves it, D&D is bad for jesus loving kids:

( via Zibacco )

The British were really happy people, specially in the 70s. Check out this clip form the TV show "Rainbows".

Rod: "We could hear you all banging away."

Roger: "Banging can be fun."

Jane: "Ooooh yes, and I was banging away all last night with Rod and Roger."

Roger (looking sad): "Yes, but it broke my plucking instrument."

Geoffrey: "Never mind Roger, let sing the plucking song, come on

everybody get your instruments out."

Rod (to Jane): "Do you want to blow on my pipe while I'm twanging away?"

Jane: "Oh no Rod, I was blowing a lot with Roger last night. But would you

like to play with my maracas?"

Zippy: "No, let's just pluck away with our twangers."

( via Nightsashke )

Good friend Noble_zone has just reach the new title of GAMING GOD, as his Firefly game at SoCal GenCon was visited by non-other then Nathan “Mal" Fillion himself. And here are some PICs

Pictures from the PS3 and Xbox2 via a British Article talking about EA showing off their next generation games.
( via Joystiq

Not that I think the Wang reading crowd is heavy on the Xmas shopping, this here is the Mother of all geek Xmas gift idea list. Made from the parts of lesser lists, Gizmodo combined for us, this big big list.

With the recent trend in computer/tech companies selling electronics, Yahoo steps into the arena. Yahoo announced today, officially, that they are entering the market, with a few items on their menu. So far, the Yahoo site only mentions 2 items, a DVD player and a home theater. But past rumors from EnGadget and Gizmod have shown pictures of Yahoo LCDs.

Apparently, KOTOR II is good.

Wired Article address the big issue of Blog and work. Not really about wasting ur time with Blogs AT work, more about people who complain about work on their Blogs and the companies reactions to them.

Musicians don’t hate the internet. Some even like it and encourages the file-sharers to hear their music.
( Wired News )

The Mieskuoro Huutajat a Hungarian shouting chorus… Really u should listen to it ur self.
( via Screenhead )

Tommy Seebach’s – Apache song in MPEG. Who is Tommy Seebach u ask? I have no frickin idea. But I do dig the dancing Indian girls from the 60s.
( via Screenhead )

This is for u more morbid readers. An artist named Michael Paulus, did a gallery of what cartoon characters would look like with their skeletal structures.

Here’s Buttercup from Powerpuff girls:

( via Screenhead )

Freaky Baby Jesus head…

( via BoingBoing )

And this is even more freaky!
( via BoingBoing )

Because they are jealous of our Natural History Museums, they built a Creation Museum to teach the goodly kids about the Creation Truth. None of that evolution crap!
( via BoingBoing )

Tori Amos puts out some Xmas songs on her website.
( via Wickedthought )

Strawberry Bukkake Forever!

Basically, Onitsuka Ai, a decent borderline indie/pop artist’s new album cover. Cleaver name from Boing Boing though. The Japanese knows how to sell their women.
( via BoingBoing )

Who knew LA is a place of cool cool art things? Well I didn’t but I really don’t know what a Robotic Egg tapping machine should fall under.
( via Near Near Future )

Since my Vegas trip this past weekend was plague with talks of the "Reverse Cowgirl" here’s the blog that started it all.
I ever found this little picture to go with it today:

"Its good to be rich and geeky…"or "Hey is that a hot OC star on ur arms, or a robot made with Windows XP?"

The friends that traveled along with the Wang to Vegas mentioned a Pimp name generator, I don’t know if this is the one, but here’s a link. And here’s my Pimp name: Reverend Andy Jazz.

As the day ends, lets ask the big question, not to be confuse with other questions

The hell is this? Vin Diseal as a ex-seal Nanny? I hate u Hollywood, why don’t u make good movies?
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

World Wide Wang 12/3

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Canada seems to have something called the “Nude Dancer Visa" program where they would get women from South East Asia and allowed them to work in shady industries. This story focuses on a Immigration Minister (not sure what that is…) refusing to stop/limit this visa. I was lead to this article by the Gweilo Diaries’ comment on Japan’s import of South East Asian women for shady sex trade. In the comment section of said article, someone comments on how this act of sexual slavery is happening in Europe also, but instead they import Eastern Bloc women. I guess this would be the Lilja 4 Ever movie scenario.

Speaking of the Gweilo Diaries, here’s a link to another article he posted, College Girls in China post for Nude Pictures. I just thought it might be interesting, but as the Gweilo said, the article is quite boring compare to the title… I figure the only one who would actually click that link is my friend, The Porn King.

You know what really works in this picture? The Converse. Click here for a gallery of nice photos for Natalie Portman curtsy of Uncle Grambo.
For something more tasteless a link to her ass from Closer.

The Wang has found an Aggregator and the Wang is happy. I’ve been noticing that the list of blogs I check gets bigger and bigger… So now days it takes me way to long to read everything I want to read, and sometimes, only rare times, it cuts into my work. So now with a Aggregator like SharpReader, I can gather ALL the blogs sources via RSS and read them all at once. Nice of everyone to have RSS feeds. Even u LJ people have RSS feeds. But u didn’t know.

Speaking of which, notice the topic above, I linked to Wikipedia twice. Wikipeida is a free online encyclopedia based on the wiki theory, which allows the hypertext in the content to be edited by users. Thus the Wikipedia is na ever growing encyclopedia linked by hypertext. Information all cross reference each other for easy access and understanding of any subject. Ted Nelson would be proud.

Benton Xmas Sale!. If ur into indie bands, this is even more obscure! Japanese Indie bands!
( via Snoozychoc Outpost )

So a pastor comes into the bar as says, “Have sex with me or the devil will get ya…." Cause that one works all the time… Maybe only in San Diego.
( via The Tao of Zen Nihilism )

(Japanese + Robots + Mobility)/dignity = i-foot + i-unit
( via Gizmodo )

McRorie One man Live!! (notice the TWO exclaimations!)
( via Ultragrrrl

But the real question of the day is: Did Vikings really wear horns on their helmets?

U know I always thought that this was inevitable. Don’t know why it took this long for them to actually make lens out of liquids. But I guess this is new to Cameraphone, maybe this was common in other scifi-esque space cameras.
( via EnGadget )

Hey since its xmas, any of u guys want to buy me a 71 in. Plasma TV? Its only 75k.
( via EnGadget )

Ok seriously the sub-mariner.. what can he do? He’s just a glorified merman.? Why do a movie on him? And why Columbus?
( via Golden Fiddle )

Let’s end on a picture form the supposed upcoming Duke of Hazard movie. This of course would be Daisy.
( via Golden Fiddle )

World Wide Wang 12/2

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The oddly took a day off yesterday due to the lack of hot water in my house. I called my work and said, “I normally would just take a cold shower, but its really really cold… So I’m waiting for the Handyman." As I tried to tackle the water heating myself and surrendered, I thought to myself, I’ve tackled lost of machinery and computer in my life, why can’t I fix a water heater?! Of course the thoughts of exploding gas scene from Matrix 1 hit me, and I chickend out on doing anything dramatic to the burning gas canister that is next to my room. So it became a day of Halo 2 and mad mad gluttony.

So missing a day on the blog world means I have to work harder today, or point to more links. So we start with the 2004 Weblogging Awards. There’s more links here then u can shake a stick at.
( via LAist )

Aussie man get nabbed for taking pictures of women on the beach. Apparently they were topless. They can have topless beaches in Aus? Dman that country is AWSOME!
( via Gizmodo )

When the current GOD-show on TV right now, Lost first aired, I found that my ReplayTV always cut off the last minute of the show. I manually set the recording time to have extra 2 min. buffer before and after the show, to make sure this doesn’t happen. Now If I were to tape something at 9pm on say another channel, this would be a conflict. I guess that this is some sort of TV programming trick to mess with the Tivo. And I was right. AP reports here about time-shifting, where Major broadcasting companies purposely run shows one to two minutes longer.
( via Engadet )

Robots with guns… I’m seeing this right from a BAD B-rated Scifi movie from the 80s. But no, this is very real.
( via Zibacco )

Wired reports on the future of SPAM, virus, and scams are on their way to ur cellphone.

The worlds most Influential piece of Modern art is this urinal above. As stated by the Turner Prize and 500 Art Experts. The Guardian also have its coverage here.
( via
Zibacco and Near Near Future )

Well Senators, u can now take ethical stem research of ur debating lists and get back to more important things. Because now, we can now fake a fertilization from an egg with a magical Enzyme.
( via Near Near Future )

I know u all don’t have time to see any quicktime movies online, but u have no excuse from the 10 second cinema.
( via Screenhead )

um, I don’t know what to say about this… u should just read it ur self, the Iron Penis Martial Art magazine.
( via Screenhead )

Welcome to the blogging world MSN. Your new MSN Space is the blog baby carriage that new bloggers just might need. But I don’t know about ur blog title censors.

When my non-blogging roommate mentioned that there was a cool thing online at, I was shocked. I assume he found out the old fashion way, in which, someone sent him an email. But seeing the same article of new on TWS, I’m linking it here. The big news: Merriam Webster posted there top ten words searched in 2004. And geuss what? blog is the number one word.
( via Thighs Wide Shut )

Incase ur a Akira fan and didn’t know about this… SteamBoy comes to theaters on 3/15/05.

ArcLight Midnight Madness

| |

Since i normally blog slow, i want to post this first for the day. ArcLight is having to midnight showings tonight 12/2 for movies opening tomorrow: House of Flying Daggers and Closer.

I have not seen Closer, but its on my list. As for Hosue of Flying Daggers, not one of the best Zhang Yimou films, but it is colorful and maybe maybe worthy of a DVD screening.