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the Departed aka Infernal Affairs

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So finally its out.

The trailer for the upcoming film, The Departed. Starring big names such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen and Mark Wahlberg. Bit cast, some great actors there. Why is this news to the Wang’s gentle readers? Well for those of u that don’t know, this is basically the Scorsese’s remake of the Chinese hit film, The Infernal Affairs (which is seen here with the worst translated DVD cover ever…, here’s a better original Asian one)

And incase u don’t know anything about Infernal Affairs, it was basically the 2002 Hong Kong blockbuster epic about a cop and a gangster going undercover as gansters and cops, which earned some of the greatest acting moments for actor Tony Leung and Andy Lau.

It looks like tis coming out at the end of the year. So be ready for some hong kong drama, done NYC style. The wang isn’t really interested in cop dramas, skipped most of them famous movies like Training Day (mainly due to the hatred of Antoine Fuqua, who failed the Wang in The Repalcements.) But the Wang might check this out, just to see how Hollywood is doing adapting HK films, since they r too scared to make anything original. I mean seriously, besides comic books, Asian film adapations, and hashed-up TV remakes, Hollywood has lost the balls to try make any new and original movies. Oh well, but still, This does seem like it can be an interesting cop drama. The HK version did surprise the Wang a bit on how entertaining it was, so perhaps perhaps, their hope.


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Ridley Scott does Drama? Well, the Wang did’t know either till we came across this: A Good Year trailer. Not that Russell Crowe deserves any head nodding from the Wang. But the inclusion of one, Marion Cotillard. Marion happens to be one of those hawt French actress that the Wang has missed during the last decade… specially with her Taxi fame… though Taxi series of film was never big on the Wang, but the Wang did discover her in a film called Jeux d'enfants (Love Me If You Dare) Where we caught her taunting this like Red Chinois number And oddly enough being 30 something, she pulled off a teenager quite well. I guess it is like the Virginie Ledoyen pulling of the young girl in 8 Women, French girls just age well.

This all leads to the most important discovering of the day, which is that the Wang doesn’t watch enough French films. I mean there’s an entire country of hawt women that the Wang, or we are all not watching!! With recent hawties like Eva Green and Ludivine Sagnier France has definitely earn some credit in the recent years. Not to mention they make interesting movies… I mean besides their comedies…

Yes, that’s my new sister.

America Celebrates its 750th independence Annavasary. With a special recognition to Chuck Norris, whose round house kick started the Independence War.

A sense of humor.

The Nintendo DS is kicking the PSP’s arse all across the video gaming world. Why? Mainly because Nintendo likes make a portable video gaming device more than a normal portable gaming device, and we don’t just mean it plays video. Nintendo goes and makes the DS a voice guided cook book, so geeks everywhere wont have to starve.

No that’s not from the latest Valve game or some sort of RPG CGI shot, that is a photo of a shield machine underneath Hibiya Junction in Tokyo, Japan. As documented by Joe Nishizawa in his new book “Deep Inside". Where Joe documents some of the most fascinating machineries and constructions in Japan. The look like they were taken straight out of an FPS or a zombie horror game. No wonder the Japanese make great games, they just have to drive around Tokyo for inspiration. Check out this collection here too, The Tokyo TUNNELIX project.

Strange Statues from around the world… mostly from Europe.

Is that ur “O" face, or was that just really good lasagna?

Immortality with Rachel Weiss, how about HELL YA!! The Fountain trailer.

Gratuitous Cuteness

Let’s take a trip back to 1996, and see what websites for major companies looked like back in 96’

This can be a big thing. CyWorld is launching in US Cyworld is a combination of mySpace and Sims. U get together, create ur little avatars and go social networking on each other. Can be big, u better go reserve ur catchy screen name and save some ‘acorns.’

Worth 1000 gives us the Bad Video Game idea, box art contest.

Pink Vader says, “Have a good weekend everyone!"


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Boob assisted reloading

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Another week, and another big big hot summer in LA. But the Wang is cozily wrapped in nice and warm. And blogging and working from a AC filled office of unknown location. It’s a secret, cause the Wang does secret thing that no one must know, if u know, then u will just come hound me down and ask me for autographs and stuff. And the Wang cant work with that kinda of pressure. So just between u and me, lets say I work for some sort of big company that involves a rodent. That’s it.

Beyond that, the Wang has been busy all week surfing the web working on web things. Thing is the technical term for advance website coding… at least in the Wang’s industry of choice. So things has been keeping the Wang busy, and it seems that this weekly update on Friday seems to be the thing now. This isn’t something I am aiming for, but perhaps the Wang will find more time to blog more and post more stuff in the future. Or perhaps the internet will become more interesting and more stuff will just pop out to post. Still, that’s right, go bitch about how the web is boring!! Until the Web shapes up, here’s the cool stuff this week. (perhaps I should just take a Best Week Ever Format…)

USA Today, gives us a cool article about the CG effects of Davy Jones, played by Bill Nighy in Pirates of the Caribbean. It seems that the whole concept of makeup and rubber suits are the thing of the past. Now days everything is about 3D motion capture and marker-suits.

Wired brings us this interesting look at MySpace’s future. Now that its been bought by Rupert Murdoch. What will the recently crowned interweb traffic giant become in the hands of corporate masterminds like Murdoch? What will happen to millions of users? So far… nothing. And as Wired states… it seems that the space is so unexplored, that even evil genius Murdoch has no idea what to do with it…

Best Thread Evah on! Motivational Posters that mocks the whole gaming world.

Remember you have rights as a photographer. Thomas Hawk, who seems to be consistently harass for taking pictures in San Francisco often post his ordeals on his blog. Mostly to find justice I think, but most of the time, they serve as good stories for other photographers on knowing their rights. This time he was harassed by a man, who claimed to be a police officer, but refused to show any ID. Just remember, “Hell has no fury like a blogger scorned."

A few month back, the Wang was still riding the rails of terror, waiting for the news. Soon after, we, the fan were guaranteed that Veronica Mars will be continued on the new network, The CW. The CW, incase u haven’t heard, or been stuck in an animated gif loop, is the combine forces of the WB and UPN. Cant say that the Wang has been keeping up with the teen dramas of WB, but definitely, the good news is that the CW will be The Hawtness network on TV.

Vader, keeping it real in this video, where James Earl Jones voice is used from other movies to replace the dialog of Ep. 4.

F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King F**King A

Natalie Portman: It means your mother’s vagina.

Valve’s new Portal game. Looks like the genius folks at Valve has taken their great Half-life2 engine and created something even more interesting.

I have no idea why, but I found this entertaining, an animated gif of boob assisted reloading.

Wow, did anyone else completely missed this? A TMNT Animated Movie?

And in the end, go read a book or something… U know SHE wants u to!


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"Arrg!" is for headbutts

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Big past week for the internet fans. Due to events of the last weekend's soccer banaza, headbutting is the current internet craze. Not to mention the event is lead by the Thighmaster. Squeezing in a few Faptastic post (including this one with Mia and Saffron hawtness) between the loads and loads of Zidane Animaged Gifs.

Miss Universe Hawtness

Amy Sedaris, tumbles on the Colbert Report

Park Posey gets interviewed by Sina net. The Wang haven’t seen a white girl so awkward looking since the last, Chinese Student Association meeting at CSU-LB’s Meet the White Girls Bash.

Incredible Do’s! I mean u cant find snark like this anywhere else!!

Where most guys haven’t updated their look since they were six years old, their girlfriends seem to have gone off on this post apocalyptic whore tangent that smells like gasoline and cum. The end result is Doogie Howser being babysat in the Thunderdome.

Neato, social net working, Flickr, Youtube, and a timeline of your own life, all rolled into one @ Dandelife.

Been wasting soo much time on this: TV in Japan Blog.

Recently discovered this, still in the works website called PodbopPart of some sort Mashup work which combines data from othersites and technologies. To give us a concert event that link directly into songs from bands listed by area. Kinda of a neat little site for upcoming band sampling for bands that will be playing near u. And it can post it all for u from one link too.

Also speaking of cool music tools, here is Musiclens a weird little widget thing that lists out music based on a few criteria like, male vs. female, slow vs. fast, dance vs. easy listening, and red vs. green.

.kkrieger is some sort of 1st person Shooter game made by a team of programmers in Denmark. Whats so special about it? The first chapter, Beta, is only 97k.

Flash Animation explaining thr 10th dimension. The nice and easy way of understanding things. Good for u gaming pseudo physicists.

Have u ever woke up and go, damn I want to change the world today… well July 20th is ur chance. Cause July 20th is World Jump Day, a day if 600 million ppl jump at the same time, can supposedly change the orbit of the Earth. It just might be wacky enough to work. I mean the billion Chinese jumping off their chair thing sure didn’t…

2 Face kitten

And in light of the recent Pirate Fame, the Wang gives u:

Have a good weekend ladies… arrrg!


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Ahh another 4th of July week goes by, and the Wang reaches thirty aught. (I thinkt hat works right?) But the Wang is looking forward to the coming decade of sex, drugs, and debauchery. Much like one waits for midnight movie… where u get all excited, then by the time ur sitting the movie theatre, all u remember is the dumb commercials for turning off ur cellphone, and completely forgetting what u r there to watch in the first place… That might have been a metaphor, or a sign of old age and senile-ness… the Wang cant tell, yet. But anyways, 3 decades on this small planet, the Wang has been. Now we look forward to a new era of Wang-hood. But not much has changed in the realm of the interweb as the same humor and craptastic stuff gets posted here every week…

“You’re the man now dawg!" vs. “Wrong!!"

Incase u didn’t know that Pirates of the Caribbean 2 comes out today and not sure what u will be wearing to the evening’s events, here’s the Complete Idiots guide to Pirates for u. But since the Wang does have some work relations with the big Mouse in the sky, The Wang must say, go see pirates… why, because Kira Knightly is hawt.

Mr. H’s indie music crush Anya Marina got to guest blog @ the Golden Fiddle. She gave some shout outs about her upcoming thurs. night residency at The Hotel Café and linked some girls in bikinis?! (HAWT) Ms. Marina is the lucky recipient of being one of our most visited acts in our little LA music ventures by Mr. Starfizzy and I. Ms. Marina is music is the kinda u listen to on a casual Sat. afternoon, where u r too lazy to go out… and notice how ur bed is empty of a Russian blonde chick with witty lyrics. I mean how can u not love this?

So Jean Pierre took his love to the river
And Jean Pierre hoped she’d let him get in her
So Jean Pierre did what any red-blooded fashion designer would do

He ran his hands down her back to her butt
Just like a straight guy would
And he thought to himself, “ooh American ass…"

So go see her. Perhaps u’ll find the Wang there, I mean we have to keep up our stalking quota.

Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom has recently been fired/left. Vblog drama afoot. Who knows what really happened. But it does signal the end of the founding moments of vblogging. Shame, Rocketboom was one of the Wang’s only vblogs on the lists… Still quite sure both of these talented ppl will move on, but the glory that was Rocketboom may never be seen again. Shame too, the whole vblogging phenomenon has just been catching on, like wildfire.

The Wang feel so raw and trendy now. BoingBoing links us to this gallery of homemade amps, which the Wang owns one for his Grado SR125. And the Wang must say, it’s a nice little thing to have. The Wang owns a CMOY amp (bought on eBay, the Wang lacks electronic skills…) housed in an Altoids case. Its very ghetto. Good for the base… cause the Grados are awesome for the rock music.

This Sunday in LA, is the Scrapyard Challenge. IN which everyone is invited a workshop, in which u take “junk" and make some sort of MIDI controller. At the end of the day, u’ll perform with it.

Armor is the new pink for Fall 06’

Have a good weekend all. This week, the Wang SWINGS.


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Let sleeping pandas lie...

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As usual, the Wang has been caught between binge hours of WoW and work. The Wang has been forced to into hard labour like the rest of the Wang’s ppl. Hey Atleast we’r making Apple stuff right? That’s good right? No? Still the Wang drudges himself from the binge drinking days out to the computer for work on july 3rd. I mean the 3rd shouldn’t this be a holiday or something? Atleast no real work is done, and I think the Wang is heading out soon from a long day of none-work. Still the hours allowed the Wang to catchup on some much needed internet surfing. I mean RSS feeds need lovin too! Right? Still without much direction or guidance, the Wang dumps interweb notes like Kevin Spacey acts in Superman Returns… Dramatically… Still though the Long opening weekend of the Big S neted some 83 mil. Hope that makes Noble_zone a happy working bee…Still back to the dumping:

BumpTop, a cool new 3d UI that’s uses the “pile" theory.

Ya u LA posers!!… hey wait!?!

Genpets, seriously, WTF?

No!! Six Flags has put up 6 of their parks for sale, including Magic Mountain here in SoCal. That sucks. Plus theres that new ride the Wang has yet been on, Tatsu or whatever it is called. I guess better make this yrs, annual pass worth something then. Going have to camp out in the park come Fall, when the kiddies go back to school, and get out of my lines.

More pics of Oksana Akinshina: THE BAD: The LJ page is Russian; THE GOOD: The Wang speaks the International Language of Wang.

The Farce is Strong series by Cedric Delsaux, brings us some interesting combination of modern scapes and the Star Wars characters

Leaked Transformer: The Movie Trailer

Walt Whitman was an awful child molester who was born in ancient Hong Kong. He is over 3,000 years old and remembers the names of all the forgotten Gods.

We going to need 8 more ladies…

When the cool kids throw a party, They bring the photographer with the good lighting.

OMGWTFBBQ?!?! This really made me want to actually start voting, I mean how do senators get away with this?

They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the internet. And again, the internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a truck.

It's a series of tubes.

And if you don't understand those tubes can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and its going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material.

This is from Senator Ted Stevens talking about the Net Neutrality Bill

There’s got to be some irony in all this. Apparently the government is spending large bucks on datamining blogs for Defense purposes and Datamining MySpace for the next hawt band

Just imagine, u, a hawt female, me, The Wang floating on this. Heaven…

Random Robot Chicken Update: GTA

So hope u all have a good 4th. Ya that’s that day u get off tomorrow, due to some sort of firework celebration… who knows, maybe it involves sale or something.


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