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Cut human resources?

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“Gigantic turkey sub!"
“I say we put mustard on it!"
"This is NO TIME FOR JOKING! Gigantic Turkey Sub!!"

So Arcade Fire was on SNL this past weekend, which brought us this little gem above. Not to mention Arcade Fire was there bring their usual energy: Intervention which has a whole lot of organ playing.

And speaking of organs that the Wang likes, Muffy's World of Vagina Euphemisms!

The Daily show makes a good report on the “Real OC". They fully capturing the MTV realty TV filming style with gratuitous cut scenes, pop music tracks, montages, sunsets, OC landscape, bonfires & editing style.

Google Video Link

An educational film for women: “Over education leads to ugliness, premature aging and beard growth."

What happens when ppl starts moving into terrorism acts in virtual worlds? Well 2nd Life is getting a does of this new organization, Second Life Liberation Army. They have been interrupting virtual meetings/conference and exploding virtual bombs near corporate virtual spaces. As the Wang stated else where, this is clearly griefing of players that have little or no control, but instead harassing the life of regular players just to get there message across. Due to the leniency of Laden labs, who know what will happen. Its an interesting space to watch in the coming days.

And finally, Marty gets one:

Though the LAist put it best and states that this was a glorious moment in movie making history as all 4 of the great film schools stood on stage in on moment, NYU, USC, UCLA and Long Beach State.


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Happy V Day

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(via somesai)

To those of us who didn’t even know that 2/14 is a holiday, here’s a little reminder and salt-pouring. Cause if u r reading this, u obvs aint out sweetening the deal with ur love-bunnies, dropping large bills supporting this holiday-economy system that our great consumer driven market it based on. The Wang himself will be alone searching for this girl who does this.

Which all leads to a desire to do this:
-Build a area in Roller Coaster Tycoon,
-Put a no Entry sign backwards
-Put free Balloon stalls to attract ppl.
-When u get enough people, build a roller coaster
-and bowl the car into the crowd

Even the animals are celebrating v-day.

The Blue Sun Corp is looking for u:

World Press 2007 Photo of the Year Award


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Across the Universe

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Good friend Noble has pointed us to this little trailer for Across the Universe. It seems to be a movie about the 60s, war, anti-war, riots, love, music, and overall the “60s". None the less, great selling points here seems to be Julie Taymore (director of Titus), Evan Rachel Woods (Pretty Perssuation and the other girl who kissed Mischa) and if u go far enough into the trailer, u can see that this movie has more psychedelic dance numbers than Baz Lurhman’s version of Big Fish. The trailer alrdy uses a plethora of Beatles music track clearly a lot more will be used through out the movie. The title its self is a reference to Beatle’s Across the Universe, one would assume. Even some of the female leads in the movie, according to IMDB, seems to be “Prudence" and “Sadie". This is looking to be a great movie, cept it doesn’t come out till Sept. 07’. Look forward to this, as this will be one of the movies the Wang keeps his paws on.

Rufus Wainwright’s cover of Across the Universe with a young Dakota Fanning.
or even Fionna Apple’s great cover with the awesome video

It seems that this is a one of the greatest Beatle songs, and it will forever inspire generations upon generations of great art.

This past weekends SNL featured Drew Barrymore and Lily Allen. Lilly Allen gave mediocre performance. I mean the girl has only been on stage for like what? 6 month and she hits it big in SNL, the pressure and stress alone probably was pretty daunting. Though the Wang has also read that young Lily still needs to get more experience under the belt for on-stage skills, though her music video for Alfie is a gem; all the Wang will say is that masturbating puppet at 1:10 mark… The Wang have to test her skillz come Coachella.

The Gizmodo list on Superbowl commercials this year. The Wang Recommend the Coke Commercials, they are rather cool. Actually the iFilm site has like all the commercials. The and the Emerald Nuts one are cool too.

Steve Job’s “Thoughts on Music" a article posted on 2/6/07 regarding the thoughts on Apple and DRM.

UPDATE: and EMI answers with… hey maybe we WILL drop DRM!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, now being hunted by Bauer

World of Whorecraft: WoW porn Interview with the director (the link is safe, the concept isn’t…)

Somehow, Showtime sneaks in an English drama about the Tudors, stars Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (That bastard that stole Laura Fraiser and Keira Knightly) as Henery VIII.



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Video Friday

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Not sure what is keeping the Wang so busy, it might be the new WoW Expansion, Burning Crusade (or BC for us l33t folks...), or it might be the new sickness going around, or just a whole lot of work @ work, but the Wang havent had much time to give the little blog some quality time. In fact the Wang has even been leaving the old flame, xbox 360 in the gutter.... In fact i think the ol' 360 is about to commit suicide just to ge tthe Wang's attention. Though one must say that the recent trips to the mountains and the lakes have been good on the soul. And much fun was had on the new WarioWare Smooth Move (Remember the Mohawk...) But none the less these few short movie clips still came across the Wang's path. So enjoy and wait for the days when the Wang will grace all his old flames with the same burning passion.

David Sedaris + Stadium pal = Comic gold:

Hoola Hoop Girl + Sun Dress = Hawtness:

Conan + Wii Tennis = White Legs.

The Wang is completely not a fan of the movie-screen Harry Potter, but this picture gives the false promise that, that could be the back of a older/hawter Hermione…

xkcd comics


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