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Movabletype 4.0 upgrade

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So, the Wang's been busy trying to upgrade this sad lonely excuse of a blog. Ever since last week, a few minor details involving MySQL to Movabletype stupidities has  seriously intensified the Wang hatred of not just simply using blogger or some other hosted blog site. Still the Wang pushed through and eventually got to the point now where all the entries are nicely back. (Though the Wang can't seem to get the dynamic publishing bit of the new system to work... ) Still the blog works and looks prettier. Mean while the Wang will have to focus on hard hitting contents to bring the blog back to posting glory.

The Wang can never claim to be a good blogger but it is still nostalgic and nice to read some of the old posts. Even if it means nothing to u the gentle readers. But still personally, it is always cool to dig up an random archive and just go, "wow i remember that!"

Back to new system complaints...

So the because of the export/import tactic that the Wang finally used to get the Blog to work again, Comments r completely F**ked up from HaloScan. So they r not being used right now... which also means the Wang lost like 2 ish yrs of comments from HaloScan. Oh its still there, just not linked correctly to the correct entry. And due to the new numbering, I'll get comments for like the next 100 posts i put up, from posts from before. Talk about entry identity crisis. Still since the new MT4.0 system has a nice LJ authentication feature, and most of the Wang's friends use LJ, the Wang figure thats not a bad way to swing it... So i'm going to give the MT commen t system a try and see how it goes. Or more so, how well it holds up against spams. (the reason the Wang went with haloScan before was due to the massive Spaming that was happening with the MT comment from 3.0.

And just to leave u off with something prettier than just words... enjoy this hawt and simple photo of Naomi Watts:

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